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  1. Chad E. Mo

    Backup camera sometimes black

    IIRC, there is a recall for some Leaf rear cameras, but the replacement process is not established.
  2. Chad E. Mo

    Remote climate control on 2020 SL Plus

    Here's my 2020 this morning.
  3. Chad E. Mo

    Thinking about trading my 2018 SL for a 2022 SL+, in Canada

    Agree with the above. Having the biggest battery means less concern. Drive faster, drive further, drive in any weather, if you feel like it. I still try to eek out the best efficiency on the daily drives, but if the weather is bad, I leave later than planned, or I need to make extra stops...
  4. Chad E. Mo

    Battery Degradation of a high mileage Leaf

    Maybe not... I do not baby my 2020, and I have less than 10% degradation.
  5. Chad E. Mo

    Is NissanConnect EV down?

    Ok here. 2020 SV+ Status, charge, climate controls all working as expected via app. Version 7.7.5 , Feb 28, 2024 Motorola on Google Fi (Tmo).
  6. Chad E. Mo

    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    On my way to watch the 2024 eclipse, I charged at some new (installed 5/23) chargers that had 3 CCS and one CHAdeMO connections. This installation was supported by the Ohio EPA and the Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund, part of the VW settlement. Many...
  7. Chad E. Mo

    'Parking Sensor Off' - Mystery message???

    Replying to this old topic to add more info and keywords. I agree with @LeftieBiker, the prompt on the screen gives the drive the opportunity to temporarily disable the alert by pressing OK on the steering wheel. This can come in handy when in reverse while towing a trailer, particularly with...
  8. Chad E. Mo

    Adaptive cruise control and lane guidance seem a little off

    The stamped metal bracket holding the distance sensor attaches to the charge port supports. The sensor and brackets can certainly be seen after removing the black plastic that resides under the front edge of the hood. (Push rivets hold it on) It is probably easiest to adjust the metal bracket...
  9. Chad E. Mo

    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    True. But if you renew the gasser for five years before transfer, the loophole applies for those years. (After that, you gotta pony-up as usual.)
  10. Chad E. Mo

    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    Ohio has a loophole. If you transfer registration from a gasser, you don't pay the EV fees.
  11. Chad E. Mo

    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    re: tire taxes... The tire blowout scenario is simple enough - the tax includes road hazard coverage: the tax is pro-rated like the cost of the replacement tire. The snow-tire scenario is also self-administrating... the use of one set of tires is necessarily delaying the consumption of the...
  12. Chad E. Mo

    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    A tax on tires would work similarly as fuel. The downside is even more peeps will drive their tires too long to be safe. Not like you could get the tax passed, anyway.
  13. Chad E. Mo

    How does phone communicate with charging station?

    The charger's identification is displayed on the charger and the user selects the charger from a list. Apps on my phone: Blink EA Shell Recharge Red-E ChargePoint EVgo Also Plugshare ABRP
  14. Chad E. Mo

    Repeated ground faults from evse

    IIRC many plug-in EVSEs state to not use on GFCI circuit.
  15. Chad E. Mo

    Part Wanted Bumper parts for Gen2

    Seeking/WTB Frame rail ends 75115-5SA0A, 75114-5SK0A LED headlights Grille Bumper Cover (Pearl White) Charge port door and surround (Pearl White) Backstory: Low-speed collision into another vehicle that failed to yield on a left turn. Everything still works, but cracked/scuffed/misaligned...
  16. Chad E. Mo

    Any interest for a VSP-delete module?

    Ok, not sure when I'll dive into the dash again. It was a good way to avoid cleaning my shop. 😁 I don't mind the sounds so much but, custom sounds would be fantastic.
  17. Chad E. Mo

    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    I'm interested in the lower bumper panel. Price? I'm in Ann Arbor.
  18. Chad E. Mo

    Any interest for a VSP-delete module?

    It's a US model. Smyrna, TN. They have deliberately hidden it. There's enough room behind the glovebox to have a party.
  19. Chad E. Mo

    Any interest for a VSP-delete module?

    Looked around a bit in that area. I've seen some diagrams, but none seem to match. :-/