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    J1772 charging not working

    I have the same problem with my leaf.. the solution was very simple (and free).. I just lift up the handle of the charging cable.. I hear the click and it starts charging.. I have now mastered it, but the first few times it took a light touch. Also if it won't connect, even a dried leaf in...
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    Buying a Leaf with 200 000 km on it

    Soon we expect refurbished batteries.. that is when they take several bad batteries and make N-1 good batteries. These might cost $1,000 or more.. but expect them to last tens of thousands of miles. The market price in US is about $2,000 for a 2015 with that many miles.
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    Yep, Missouri has $120 a year gas tax...someone has to pay for the roads and you are not paying gas tax..
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    2019 Battery Replacement at 12k

    They are not giving you a new battery.. they are giving you a refurbished battery... there is no old new stock batteries.. on my factory warranty, Nissan reserves the right to only replace the bad cells..the others can be damaged and not showing talke it back and lease a new one
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    Battery percentage drops erratically on acceleration

    Your capacity is a computed estimate... so when you floor it on fast mode (not eco) up hill. The computer assume you will be doing that the whole time and calculate it.. want to have fun.. ALSO have the heater and front and rear defrosters on.. might have 20 mile range
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    12V battery died, SOH and SOC messed up after replacing 12V

    My Leaf was acting bonkers after I replaced the 12v battery.. I started it 3 times and it has been normal ever since. Do NOT replace it with a Nissan Dealer battery. Go to the auto parts store or AAA and get a high quality high cold cranking amps battery about the same size and same polarity (+...
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    2023 dead at the airport.

    he means, open the hood, there is a 12v battery near the drivers headlight. Jumpstart it three times. Go to a parts store get a high quality 12v battery. The approximate size and make sure you get the + and - posts right. After I replaced my dead battery after 6 years. I had to restart the...
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    I've got cells dying What should I do the dealership and the leaf spy shows no codes but

    My leaf would go into turtle mode going up a 4 mile mountain at any speed. Hills chew up the battery power. As does running the space heater and/or defroster. My leaf only gets 20 miles at zero degrees, heat and defroster running. last week, first time, it went into turtle mode at -6 degrees...
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    What did you do with your Leaf today?

    As I am infectioius (non covid), I saw it in the driveway. Last week at -6 degrees it went into turtle mode and I had to turn around and park it. I plugged the charger in, and it was fully charged. Luckily my evil SUV was right next to it...and it worked fine on this cold day in hell.. it...
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    Intermittent Service EV system, drives but can't charge (leaf 2021)

    You didnt say if the 120v charger works? My phillips charger (6.6kw/220v) worked well for 5 years. Then the car would beep and not charge..just flash lights. Previously I learned sometimes I have to clean out the connector in the car. A tree leaf can cause it to fail.. dirt and snow can cause it...
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    Leaf won't operate. Warning - Service EV System, Warning - Service EV System Unable to restart after power off

    Put a voltmeter across the two terminals of the 12 v battery. If the voltage is below 13 volts you have a bad 12v or bad battery cable.. also check voltage across 12v battery cables.. 12v battery is in the front of motor compartment near the drivers headlight. my 12v battery lasted 6 years but...
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    Old charger not working on new Leaf

    I have a similar problem with my old plug on my phillips charger.. I learned that if tilt up the plug handle, it clicks and it works fine.. when I say lift...I lift from the part nearest the cord
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    Ev duty Vs Leaf charger

    I have a problem with my EV 6.6kw charger. Where I connect the plug and it gives me funny beeps and no charge. My 120v works fine. I learned that when I tip up the charge plug, I hear a click and it works fine. I wonder if you have a similar issue. in short: plug in, lift up the back of the...
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    Water shortages ahead? Sierra Nevada snow pack on track to shrink 79 percent, new study finds Lawrence Berkeley National

    The problem is as much political as anything else. If you just put a group of engineers without an agenda in a room to figure out solutions, They can come up with a lot of 1 and 2% and 10% solutions that solve the problem. For instance, Los Angeles. Use the million gallons a week dumped in LA...
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    Bargains on 2023 Leafs

    as a second car, usually the leaf does great for me... but now several of my common destinations are just at the outer range for my car... I have to drive my SUV.
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    Bargains on 2023 Leafs

    On what basis did the state require nissan to buy back your Leaf?
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    Sold our 2020 LEAF SV.

    Things were good except that the battery is very sensitive to driving faster than 60mph, its sensitive to running the heater, very sensitive to running the defroster.. So maximum range in summer is about 60 miles, maximum range in cold winter is between 20 and 40 miles per charge. Public...
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    Sold our 2020 LEAF SV.

    My mistake was not leasing my 2015... I was looking at a BMW and the total cost of ownership is $10k cheaper for the BMW after all is said and done. And I would not have had the severe range and climate control restrictions. Almost all chargers in my area charge $ 34 cents a minute for 3.3kw...
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    alternative way to set "heater" and "defroster" when set to shore power

    I have a 2015 nissan leaf. The midrange vehicle. When 3G cellular went away. The ability to program my car from the app went away. Is there a way to program my car to turn on the heater at a set time each day plugged in? Is there a way to keep the heater on, if I turn on the car to heat up the...