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  1. J

    Any thoughts on Aptera?

    PG&E TOU rates for charging are higher than you think. The lowest rate is $.34/KWH. Assuming a 35KWH charge the cost is $11.90, for a 50KWH charge it's $17.00. Still cheaper than filling the Prius but not by much ($.10/mi vs $.12/mi). You need PV and batteries to really save money.
  2. J

    Any thoughts on Aptera?

    Even at $.54/KWH an Aptera would cost about half as much to operate as a Prius plus you get free charging if you can park it in the sun. Much lower maintenance costs (no oil changes or tune ups) as well. Aptera appears to priced similarly to most hybrids. Since Aptera will use NACS...
  3. J

    2014 battery range after replacement?

    You got a 30 KWH battery, Enjoy!
  4. J

    Lane departure prevention - does it work?

    Lane keeping only works when adaptive cruise control is active. Really only useful on the freeway.
  5. J

    Any thoughts on Aptera?

    I've got a reservation in but to be honest, it doesn't seem like that great a deal anymore. Without an EV incentive, at $33K it's a hard sell. For not much more there are a lot of EV's with 4-5 seats and a larger trunk. Of course there's a 400 mile range and solar charging to think about but...
  6. J

    Challenging the opinion

    And if you have solar like I do the cost per KWH is about $.05. Charge 20-100% for $2.50 on my SV+. The tires cost as much as charging the car.
  7. J

    Is it possible to disable/cheat the TPMS?

    There's a small external screen which attaches to the windshield. It has a solar cell to keep the monitor charged up. Look on Amazon for TPMS System. The monitor shows the pressure for each tire. It's an independent system so it won't sync to the dash light.
  8. J

    Is it possible to disable/cheat the TPMS?

    For about $30 you can get an external TPMS with pressure sensing caps that screw on to the tire stems. The batteries in the sensors do need to be replaced periodically but that's easy to do. Much cheaper than the $70 each for OEM sensors. I use them on my truck which only had a warning light...
  9. J

    How long will/did you keep your LEAF?

    2016SL 5 years only because I crashed it, Replaced it with a '22 SV+ which I'll keep for at least 7-8 years. I tend to drive cars into the ground.
  10. J

    2017 Leaf battery warranty

    Nope. Nissan has never denied warranty claims based on lack of inspections to the best of my knowledge. The inspection requirement seems to be a sop to the maintenance dept. Leafs require so little maintenance that the service dept. would starve.
  11. J

    InsideEVs Apr 2023: "We are not too optimistic about the Leaf."

    Leaf battery materials were sourced from Japan with final assembly in the US. More to the point is that the assembly plant in Tennessee is being retooled for Ariya production. It might be possible to source enough material in the US to qualify but the Ariya uses a different style of battery...
  12. J

    LEAFSPY PRO kW or Ah x volts?

    GID's are the better gauge for remaining capacity to empty. AH is a better gauge for absolute capacity. Efficiency is always going to be better at 240V than at 120V. For your 240V charging that's about 90% Looks like housekeeping and overhead are nearly the same for either voltage. Might...
  13. J

    InsideEVs Apr 2023: "We are not too optimistic about the Leaf."

    Leaf will be phased out in favor of the Ariya. Ariya will be built in the US and qualify for the EV incentives. If the leaf survives at all it will be as a Japanese only brand. The leaf is too expensive without the EV incentives and lacks the range to compete with newer EV's
  14. J

    LEAFSPY PRO kW or Ah x volts?

    As far as I can tell, 1 GID equals 82.5w in my '22 SV+. In my 2016 SL it was about 74w. YMMV. The problem with V x AH is that the voltage drops as the battery discharges. 175AH x 403 VDC works out to 70 KWH clearly in excess of the battery's actual capacity. Nissan states that the nominal...
  15. J

    LEAFSPY PRO kW or Ah x volts?

    Keep in mind that that the battery loses voltage as it discharges. You start at 403VDC but end up about about 300VDC at full discharge. So it depends what voltage you use to calculate KWH. Your best bet is to go by the GIDS value in Leafspy. If your car is like mine, there's a lot of energy...
  16. J

    62kw battery balancing

    OK, I've got an oddity here. Ever since I bought the car, I've had one low cell. At full charge it's 72-74mv lower then the other cells which are within 10mv of each other. As the battery discharges the discrepancy shrinks to maybe 24mv at 15% charge. I've discharged down to 8% several times...
  17. J

    Solar water well

    If you are thinking about a new system, it would probably be cheaper to install PV panels and a heat pump water heater instead. You need to have a backup solution for heating water when there's little or no sun. Either heating the storage tank ( which kind of defeats the solar heating) or a...
  18. J

    Cheap Panels

    Just bought 6KW of Longi 380W panels at $.52/W. A1Solar Store. Ground mount with micro inverters. It's more than what I actually need at the moment but will insure that I can fully charge the battery bank even in the winter. The ground mount will end costing nearly as much as the panels...
  19. J

    2022 40kwh Range

    Try turning off E-pedal and driving without it. Some people find that helps with mileage.
  20. J

    TSLA corporate outlook

    I think you just made my point. Just ignore the nozzle you don't use. Same thing for charging plugs. I agree we need more stations in more places but that will happen organically . As EV's become more prevalent, L2 chargers will pop up in apartment complexes. It will be another source of...