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  1. henrydehoja

    E-pedal mode turns off automatically after recall fix

    I got that recall implemented last year and my e-pedal mode remain unchanged (i.e., always ON). As mentioned, your e-pedal setting may have been changed during the recall upgrade. You can change it to always remain ON when you turn the car ON under your menu settings: Driver Assistance >...
  2. henrydehoja

    2018 Setting only END time on charge timer.

    I see what you mean in the the 2015 manual: However, I do not have the Nov. 2017 print of the 2018 Leaf manual. My manual print date is April 2018 and I see that Page CH-36 and other pages do not address anything about the system automatically determining when to begin charging without a START...
  3. henrydehoja

    2018 Setting only END time on charge timer.

    Hi, Are you talking about the Charging Timer START/END times? I am not aware of any way to get rid of - or disable - the START time feature on the 2015 or 2018 Leafs. The whole point of the timer is to have a start time and end time to setup a period for the charging timer to work. Or are you...
  4. henrydehoja

    Schneider EV2430WS (1st gen) troubleshooting

    I'm the same way. With proper maintenance and repairs I make a lot of my tools, equipment, appliances, etc. last a long time. Since I got my Leaf back in 2018, I've been keeping up to date on new companies coming out and parts & products being made available to the EV world. Nice move on the...
  5. henrydehoja

    Best apps to find charging stations, Texas

    Welcome! I find the Plugshare app most useful for finding charging stations. It's one of the most popular apps used and you'll see mentioned often in this forum. For using the stations (e.g., ChargePoint, EVGo, Electrify America, etc.), and as a backup to finding them, I also have each charging...
  6. henrydehoja

    Can I use a level2 charger (e.g 2019 leaf) to charge on a 120 outlet?

    The Nissan OEM (L1/L2) portable EVSE should have come with a special adapter for connecting the NEMA 14-50 plug into it. You can read more about it in the following post thread: I...
  7. henrydehoja

    Charging problems

    As mentioned, if you can charge away from home (at public stations), but can't charge at home, then the problem is probably with your home system. You can try using your charging station (EVSE) somewhere else other than your home to see if the problem is with your EVSE. If it does not work...
  8. henrydehoja

    Good charger for my 2018 SL

    That is a long list for me: Nissan's OEM (L1/L2) EVSE, Grizzl-E/United Chargers, Enphase (aquired ClipperCreek), Webasto (aquired AV), Wallbox, OpenEVSE, Lectron, Autel, Emporia, and even ChargePoint (though, over priced).
  9. henrydehoja

    2022 Leaf overcharging on timed L2 charger

    You can check if the issue is caused by the Timer by setting it to the usual 2 hrs, then checking on it a few minutes after the 2-hour period to see if it is still charging. You may want to do this a few days in a row to get good test samples. Otherwise, there's a long list of other items that...
  10. henrydehoja

    Back Up Power

    I guess Emporia might be sticking with a CCSx connection for V2x, like Wallbox: We'll have to wait and see how Delta comes along with their CHAdeMo connection V2x:
  11. henrydehoja

    Back Up Power

    A few companies have been working on V2x systems in the US over the years, expected them to be out by now, but they soon realized that it's taking longer than expected. We'll wait and see. Another expecting to come out with one in 2025 is energy management company Emporia...
  12. henrydehoja

    DAB radio on ze1

    Hi... My understanding of the DAB or DAB+ radio system is that it didn't get pushed by European regulations until late 2020, and eventually became standard in 2021. So, your 2019 Leaf probably doesn't have a DAB+ radio. Unless you find something in your manual about your radio supporting DAB+...
  13. henrydehoja

    Lites flash 3 at a time and beeping at me

    Those 3-light beeps are usually caused by either of the following: * Bad physical connection between the EVSE plug/connector and EV charge port. * Issues with the EV charge port locking mechanism. * The charge port lid opener (connector unlock) button on the key fob is pressed while the plug is...
  14. henrydehoja

    Amperage to charge for Level 2

    I would go with a 50 A circuit (breaker) for future-proofing purposes. That gives you more options when it comes to choosing other EVSE models in the future. The Leaf on-board (Level 2) charger is rated for 6.6 kW, which is 27.5 A on a 240 V circuit, as mentioned above.
  15. henrydehoja

    Cover for 2023 Leaf trunk?

    Those Leaf OEM cargo covers don't seem to be much help. People are either bumping their heads on them or finding them to be poorly made. You can always create a DIY cover, like this one.
  16. henrydehoja

    Persistent Parking Sensor message on startup

    That message is to indicate that the parking sensor is activated. Pressing the OK button will dismiss the message, but the message will come back when the parking sensor is activated again. If you'd like, and you can live without the RSS (Rear Sonar System), you should be able to turn the sensor...
  17. henrydehoja

    How to get moving if your 12v battery is dead (ZE1)

    Yes, the Leaf auto-charges the 12V battery via the main battery for a short period of time when the 12V battery level becomes low. This happens regularly when the EV is OFF and unplugged for an extended period of time. Also, the algorithm for this auto-charge process changed in the 2018 and...
  18. henrydehoja

    1st Leaf

    Welcome back! Have you contacted the Petersen Auto Museum in LA to see if they would consider your EV donation?
  19. henrydehoja

    Smell of Natural Gas/Propane

    Check the condition of your cabin filter. It may be dirty and the cause of the smell. Also, this past forum thread may be of help.
  20. henrydehoja

    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    There's also this CCS1 to CHAdeMo adapter "coming soon" from a Canadian company. The company posted recent pictures of the product on Facebook.