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    Nissan Connect subscription?

    No problems, just checked mine for charge status.
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    Love our Leaf

    The "bars" don't change with charging. The bars represent an estimate of HV battery SOH and are located in a sub-menu on the 2018 Leaf, (far left sub-menu). They start from 12 bars and drop off as the SOH degrades.
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    Love our Leaf

    HV battery check annually is supposedly needed to maintain the battery warranty. Check your manual for warranty requirements.
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    Repeated ground faults from evse

    Bombastinator2 said that the location originally worked fine until the plug was turned over. After the plug was rotated, the problem started happening. Thus, the phase and voltage would be the same in both instances. Is this correct?
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    I'm looking to purchase a used 2015 or 2016 Leaf, will it be worth it?

    Mileage isn't as important as HV battery condition. New vehicles have 12 bars of battery health, so that's the first thing to look for in a used car. If you want to go further, research Leaf Spy Pro; it's an OBD2 scanner that will give you more details on the health of the battery. Leaf Spy Pro...
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    Repeated ground faults from evse

    This thread has gone off topic big time! You guys might consider starting a new thread on another site :)
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    2018 Setting only END time on charge timer.

    You could just trust the manual and set the Stop time and let it go until you can verify when the charging takes place. Another way to approach this is to use the start/stop timer to set a predetermined period of time to charge each night. For instance, my 40 kWh Leaf L2 charges about 18.5 %/hr...
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    2018 Setting only END time on charge timer.

    In the 2018 model, it appears that even though you set the STOP time, the start time display defaults to 12:00am. The manual says the vehicle will automatically calculate and set the start time. I've never tried it. Do you have a way to track charge time such as an internet connected EVSE which...
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    Nissan Leaf 2018 Maintenance

    It's around $40 per year, don't know of anyone being denied battery warranty service due to not having it done but it says to do it in the manual so I get it done. Do you have any issues with your battery? How many bars on the dash?
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    Repeated ground faults from evse

    Here's a photo of the specs on the back of my 2018 OEM Nissan EVSE, it only shows 120v and 240v, with no mention of a +- range. I've used this EVSE for 5 years on a dedicated 50 GFCI breaker and have never had a nuisance fault.
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    Repeated ground faults from evse

    Do you mean the building provides 220 v or 208 v? If so, this will increase the amperage drawn on the circuit. What I don't understand is that the problem didn't start until the plug was turned over which would not change anything regarding the voltage or amperage?
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    Repeated ground faults from evse

    The plug geometry between the Tesla plug and the Nissan plug may be slightly different and causing a connection issue at the plug. I'd check for loose connections at the plug since it has been recently rotated, I assume to make the plug orientation better. If the connections are tight, I'd...
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    Charging problems

    Take your drip charger, (120 V) to a neighbor's house and ask them to let you try your charger on their wall socket. Let us know what happens.
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    Leafspy + dongle (ELM 327) errors

    Open LeafSpy Pro, open the three dashed lines in the upper right corner, open ? About & Help, open Application Help.
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    From LeafSpy Pro Help screen; By Jim Pollock (Turbo3) [email protected]
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    Considering a 2018 or a 2019 Leaf, but I'm concerned about my 96 mile round trip up and down a mountain.

    With 10 of 12 bar batteries, neither of these vehicles has 150 miles range, when they were new and in mild weather, 150 miles was near the max range. Now they are 5 or 6 years old with degraded batteries. I believe what you stated is what most of have said; "I'm not sure why I should even...
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    Buying a 2019 SL Plus

    Have the dealer do a High Voltage Battery check, it will get you a simple baseline report of the state of the battery's health. If you want to go further, you can purchase the Leaf Spy Pro App and an OBDII adapter to look at lots of internal battery statistics from your smartphone. Some people...
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    Considering a 2018 or a 2019 Leaf, but I'm concerned about my 96 mile round trip up and down a mountain.

    Cold temps lessen the range of Leafs and most other EVs, so winters are most likely going to be a problem. My Leaf gets about 4% / hr on 120 V, three hours would get you back ~12% of battery capacity depending on the health of the batteries. How many bars does the Battery Health Meter show on...
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    2022 Leaf overcharging on timed L2 charger

    I have a 2018, 40 kWh battery and it started out at 18% / hr and is now at 19% / hr. Try charging it on a day when you are home and can watch it. Time it for an hour and calculate the gain, then for another hour to prove to yourself that it is charging at a consistent % / hr rate. If it's...
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    Bought our Leaf new as a town car, running around town and charging at home. We're retired so no commuting and for our usage it's the perfect vehicle. It's probably the worst use for an ICE vehicle since it would almost never warm up properly, running to the store a few miles away but for an EV...