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    Vehicle For Sale 2013 SV for sale in Madison WI. Link

    aw shucks no Chademo. Looks really nice though.
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    See PM in this forum, or contact me through CL, if still interested and make an offer. Around first of May I will be taking a pickup truck as far east as Finger Lakes area in Western NY, I could bring the large rear parts. Not sure the double work of securing for transport is worth it vs. one...
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    Some items on ebay so far, what I've started pulling off. Really happy to sell anything direct also, let me know. Got the other three wheel locks off, so I'm happy to trade wheels, just need something else round for now! Nissan Rogue, 2018-2022 Nissan Leaf Right Passenger Fog Light...
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    Maybe yes. Not so sure, the front subframe and front extensions of the unibody are shifted to the psg side about 6 inches. Spot welds on the unibody at the base of the A pillar are torn. Maybe get a rear crashed one with a good front end and cut them down the rearward of the firewall. Or put...
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    Any interest for a VSP-delete module?

    Here are pictures of the VSP module and circuit board, from a '22. I put it back after opening it, and plugged the external speakers back in, and it still works with no VSP error light or VSP DTCs.
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    Any interest for a VSP-delete module?

    What happens if 4ohm resistors are substituted for the speakers? External at least are not too hard to get to. I wonder where the interior speaker is, or does it use the audio system speakers? I'll get into the dash on my '22 soon.
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    Woo! It charges fine. Some of the charge port parts are ok, some need love, but it might still useable for my project.
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    where are leaf service manuals? PLEASE READ: To view manuals correctly you will need to use Microsoft Edge. For PDF related content please "Internet Explorer Mode" in Microsoft Edge.
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    Nissan Leaf Wiper Blades: Part Numbers and Compilation from Forum

    I've started replacing only the rubber blade. The cut to length cheap refills from ebay were a little different, not as tall and no retaining notches near one end, but they work fine. I super glued the metal strips to the rubber at each end, then the rubber and metal stays put. If something...
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    Put the 12v on a charger all day while I made room in the garage. Then cleared some codes with Leafspy, and it drove into the garage. Little did it know what's coming next... I've started taking the front apart, and I'll put on an old straight left lower control arm so I can bomb around the...
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    Pretty easy really. Salvage titled vehicles may or may not be available to the public (this one was), otherwise need to buy/bid through a broker. Either way, send payment with bank wire transfer to auction or the broker. This is my second IAA vehicle. Watch some youtube: Samcrac...
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    I see your other post, I'll look for it.
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    Part For Sale 2022 Leaf SV part out - good back end parts

    I brought this home today, 2022 SV plus. I have plans for the battery, most all of the propulsion system and controls. The doors and rearward are good and all the glass is fine. The drivers front door window frame is a little tweaked outwards, the unbelted driver hit the window padded by the...
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    Vehicle For Sale 2016 S 40kwh - battery replacement - asking $10k - Oklahoma

    Looks shiny! Was the battery done by a Nissan dealer under battery warranty, or otherwise? Thanks
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    Increasing ground clearance

    My vote/solution is largest cheapest tires that will fit. I'm at 205/65r16 currently. 215/60 or 215/65 might even fit, but haven't found reasonable priced one in those sizes when needing tires.
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    Monster Leaf

    Now I want Crashy the Leaf to plow my driveway and road. It could work nice, blasting down the road, all heated inside. Tear off the fenders, run chains on the front, stiff front springs, need to beef up the front lower control arms and ball joints. It seems a shame to do that to a road...
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    Lithium plating and battery heater

    Swap batterie Leaf – Véhicules électriques Simon André I don't see any heaters in the 62 pack.
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    Failed ball joint

    The extra weight of two silent rear adults (300 pounds), or a 62kwh battery pack, would not affect the ball joints life, because the ball joints don't carry any vertical or suspension loads. The Leaf ball joints do not carry any weight of the vehicle or suspension, they only locate the bottom...
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    Nissan Leaf 2014 - problems with suspension

    The Leaf is a very simple suspension car, nothing special about it due to being an EV. The only adjustment is front toe. Everything else is not directly adjustable, unless you put the car on a frame machine at a body repair shop and bend parts of the car. If the right front has been whacked...
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    Failed ball joint

    LCAs arrived later Friday, only$102 for the pair, shipped! Got them in by midnight and set the toe with tape measure Saturday. I got it all done before the cold snap set in and the unheated garage got too awful cold.