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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I also have a 2013 leaf and heard that there was a shift to a newer battery in that year. How do I determine which battery I have besides the month of manufacture?
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    2015 Leaf SV transition to 2021 Bolt EV Premier

    what year Leaf and range and price did you decided on? thanks
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    53kw CATL Upgrade on 2013 Leaf S

    The weight difference seems to be 170km for the 24kw and 350km for the 53kw a difference of 180km x 2.2# = 396# I'm assuming that NEDC is the weight of the kit
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    After market reverse Camera problem

    My used 2013 has a after market rear view camera install by the license plate. I need a clue as to where and how to troubleshooting the problem. It does not show the rear view, only the grid lines.
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    Restart from turtle

    Hi knightmb Good info, I have a setup similar to yours but with a Modified Sine Wave, Does that matter? also I had it primarily for emergency power outage. Can I run if off of my Prius to charge a turtled Leaf? thanks
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    key is not detected -corrected

    I could not find anywhere that anyone had a clear resolution I suddenly got this message and could not get the car into active mode. All the proper lights came on except the READY to drive light. Putting the key to the push button results in the same. I attempted to start it many times w/same...
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    Fob Programming

    The fobs on Ebay in that price range are pre-owned. Was yours 3 or 4 buttons thanks
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    "Replacement key FOB cannot be reprogrammed" ... says dealer

    How is this possible if all existing fobs need to be present for the programing
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    Checking 2 cars with 11 bars, y is range so different?

    they are both 2013 leafs in sf area calif <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/EXTSxrX"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> having difficult time with imgur
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    Checking 2 cars with 11 bars, y is range so different?

    I have screen shots of both dashboards. but I do not know how to insert it.