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    Low-power EVSE: how low can you go?

    Thanks for following up! This is very encouraging. Did you see cornbinder89's comment about the Leaf service manual? Any thoughts? I see you have a 2018 Leaf; have you tried your EVSE on it in 6A & 8A mode using 120VAC? Oh. Well, that makes sense. Not a lot of point of thinking about...
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    Low-power EVSE: how low can you go?

    Thanks for following up! A 10amp minimum @ 120VAC would squelch my idea, certainly. Does that service manual cover 2018 Leafs? Going outside the bounds of a standard wouldn't my first choice. I have this discussion with other firmware developers on a regular basis...the "but I tested it and...
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    Whats the real skinny on V2H or V2L with a Leaf?

    In terms of powering things from a Leaf's DC CHAdeMO connector, you used to be able to buy Setec V2L 3kW and 6kW units from, but no longer. There is still information about V2H more broadly on that site, however. (And there might still be alternative sources for the Setec...
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    Low-power EVSE: how low can you go?

    I'd like to be able to charge my 2018 Leaf from a low-power source (preferably a single-phase 120VAC source); potentially in some kind of long-running emergency I see an EVCARS / ZENCAR EVSE on Amazon (B08FM3L8QK) that claims to be able to configure the charging current down to 6A. So, that's...
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    evse that charges to a desired %, other than Ohme?

    Ohme makes an EVSE that uses Nissan's cloud API to access a Leaf's state of charge, so that the EVSE can automatically stop charging when the Leaf reaches a desired level: I'm not sure how widely available the Ohme chargers are...
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    clicking sound near rear seat drivers side headrest

    That certainly matches the steps-to-reproduce that I listed. Although I really want to say that I duplicated the symptom (4-click sound happening repeatedly) in other scenarios, such as when the car was unlocked, or I (and the key fob) was outside the car and not inside...but I've had a hard...
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    clicking sound near rear seat drivers side headrest

    I have a 2018 Nissan Leaf which is making an odd clicking sound. I just purchased it, so I have no idea if this has just started, or if the car has had it for a while. The time I'm hearing the sound is when the car is off and locked. It's a series of 4 clicks in a row, over a bit more than a...