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  1. Kenny

    First time EV owner

    Welcome aboard the Leaf bandwagon
  2. Kenny

    Should I buy a 73k mile 2018 SL?

    I have the same car and live in southern Ontario. I have over 100,000 miles and have all bars still. Your Leaf will not make your commute in winter if it’s 50 miles one way. Look for a newer Leaf+ for your ride. Also take a look at Leafs from Canada. The US dollar is much higher than ours so...
  3. Kenny

    Thinking about trading my 2018 SL for a 2022 SL+, in Canada

    The intent of my previous post was to help determine why your Leaf has gone through 2 battery packs. You said the battery said “nope” at -20. Page 14 of the warranty manual states one warranty exclusion is “Storing a vehicle in temperatures below -13F (-25C) for over seven days”. Is your Leaf...
  4. Kenny

    Thinking about trading my 2018 SL for a 2022 SL+, in Canada

    Good God man, what have you done to your Leaf to require not 1 but 2 replacement batteries? I too am in Canada and have owned a 2018 SL since new. It has almost 170,000 KMs on it and still has all 12 battery bars. Are you L3 charging the batteries regularly?
  5. Kenny

    Nissan Connect subscription?

    You get full app access for the first 3 years after registration. After that you get basic service only which is checking battery SOC and turning on/off climate control. That is until Nissan drops the service entirely which my guess would be 3 years after the last Leaf rolls off the line next year.
  6. Kenny

    car wont go into drive or reverse. Starts fine

    Truer words have never been spoken.
  7. Kenny

    Dealer's unbelievable trade-in offer...

    My owned since new 2018 Leaf has over 100,000 miles and has served me very well for the purpose it was purchased for: a 40 mile daily commute and loads of day and overnight trips within the range of the battery. The Leaf excels for this purpose, and I am located in a climate favourable to the...
  8. Kenny

    Amperage to charge for Level 2

    To who’s post are you referring to and what info is wrong?
  9. Kenny

    Amperage to charge for Level 2

    The factory Nissan EVSE on a NEMA 14-50R receptacle draws 32 amps. If you’re asking if you can install a 20 amp breaker instead of a 50 amp breaker to limit charging amps then no, that is not possible. An EVSE draws what it is designed to draw and it has no way of knowing what breaker or what...
  10. Kenny

    big problem or not

    Do you have LeafSpy? Posting DTCs would help a lot.
  11. Kenny

    electric vehicles are less reliable than other cars and trucks, Consumer Reports

    5.5 years and 165,000 KMs on my 2018. Nothing has ever broken down on it. I attribute this to the reliability of the Leaf and to the meticulousness of my maintenance regime.
  12. Kenny

    Can Nissanconnect schedule charging timer via cell phone?

    There is no way to set or create a charge start/stop schedule on the app. This can only be done through the menu in the car.
  13. Kenny

    2018 Leaf full brake replacement

    OP did you ever get the brake system bleed in the years you owned your Leaf?
  14. Kenny

    Disable Autolock

    LeafSpy will disable auto lock/unlock on my 2018
  15. Kenny

    Spare wheel

    Go to your local auto recycle yard and get yourself a spare tire and Jack from a nissan maxima.
  16. Kenny

    How often do you drive without ECO?

    Never in my 2018 SL. I use B mode in city and D mode on freeway. However as someone else mentioned, if the car has been sitting in extreme cold for several hours I will use ECO to limit heating until cabin temp has risen enough to turn ECO off again. I dislike how heavy the throttle pedal gets...
  17. Kenny

    New owner of a Nissan Leaf

    Congrats on your new Leaf. Now delete GasBuddy from your phone and enjoy filling up at home while you sleep.
  18. Kenny

    How to limit charging to 80%

    There is a roundabout way to start/stop Leaf charging from the app. Anytime you start the climate control while plugged in, your Leaf is charging. As soon as you stop climate control your Leaf will stop charging.
  19. Kenny

    How to limit charging to 80%

    What country are you in?
  20. Kenny

    ePedal reduces power?

    I doesn’t reduce power, it just remaps the throttle so that you have to push it farther to get the same power output as D/B mode. Full throttle still gives you max power.