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  1. LakeLeaf

    The official "I got my Leaf" thread

    Thought I'd post and let everyone know that I found a 2013 Leaf with 12 bars showing and decided to buy it. Perhaps the original owner is a member. Whoever it is took great care of the car, so I'm quite pleased to be the second owner and will take just as good care of the car.
  2. LakeLeaf

    Using CAN-Do under Ubuntu and MacOS

    Gary - Why not run a virtual machine instead of dual/triple booting? VirtualBox is open source and allows you to create VMs. VMware player (free) allows you to play VM's, including those created by VirtualBox, but not create them. VMware Workstation (a couple hundred dollars) allows you to...
  3. LakeLeaf

    I think my new battery is not new at all...

    Refurbished? Reconditioned? Second Hand? I don't think those are the correct conclusions from that charge history. If the batteries fit any of those descriptions, you'd have many many more charge cycles on them. It's probably all from build testing and dealer charging. The car does leave...
  4. LakeLeaf

    Costco dealership extended warranty, a good deal?

    I agree with derkraut. Listen to TomT - the voice of reason. Put the money in the bank and let is earn a few bucks towards the next one.
  5. LakeLeaf

    hello from Scotland

    Welcome Rhodgie! Where about in Scotland do you live? I've made a number of trips to your beautiful country - really enjoy the Inner Hebrides - Islay, Mull, and Skye in particular. Planning a trip in October and will make my first visit to the Orkney Islands
  6. LakeLeaf

    PSA: don't park in front of fire hydrants :D

    You know those firefighters start to drool when they pull up to a fire and see a hydrant parked in. When it's a BMW - it must turn to pure glee to have the excuse to knock out the windows and run a hose through the car. Some days the job just brings a bonus.
  7. LakeLeaf

    Windows XP support (for security patches) ended April 8 2014

    I have to run a supplied image from my company and they only had a choice between XP and 8. Of course, I went with 8 knowing that XP support was going to end. It's quite dreadful - having a tablet interface on a desktop as not a smart decision. Anxious to get 8.1 installed and default it to...
  8. LakeLeaf

    Nissan leaf war behind US and Europe

    You'd think that "home" would just be set in some hidden maintenance menu and that changing it to Europe would be sufficient to have the car update it's maps. Surprised no one has come across something along these lines when hacking around their unit.
  9. LakeLeaf

    Why is TickTock's efficiency steadily dropping?

    Changed out the tires on my hybrid from the original LRRs to a different brand's LRRs. Am seeing a massive decrease in MPG. Pretty stunning - especially since the new tires are supposed to be easy on the gallons.
  10. LakeLeaf

    Paint Peeling on Dash?! :/

    My car insurance comes with "repairs guaranteed for life". Don't know what type of policy you have - but I'd take it back, and take it back, and take it back until it is fixed correctly. And if the repair started to show wear where the rest of the car didn't, I'd take it back again. Maybe...
  11. LakeLeaf

    Shocked by Nissan Leaf

    You don't have something mandated by that you purchase, so you want someone else to pay for it? Really?
  12. LakeLeaf

    Storm White Colour

  13. LakeLeaf

    110v outlet in public parking lot

    You might have better luck approaching your company about just installing some additional L2 stations. The company lawyers might find that the best alternative for more charging capacity. Weird how "products" sometimes trump practicality when you get the suits involved.
  14. LakeLeaf

    Suitcase Generators

    Why would one always drive around with a gallon or two of gasoline in the passenger compartment? That's even worse then driving around in a Pinto!
  15. LakeLeaf

    Longer range rumor

    Your argument is only valid for people who bought a Leaf based on a commute distance of the current range. As soon as a longer range Leaf comes out, people with a longer commute will purchase it and battery degradation will be just as big a factor to them as it is to current owners.
  16. LakeLeaf

    the free ride is over

    Ouch - that makes incremental cost per mile for the Leaf significantly higher then the Prius - ~10.5mile/$ vs. ~15.5mile/$
  17. LakeLeaf

    Radar Detector: Power and Mount

    In California, those are illegal and often enforced more then the traffic laws. Neighbor was even pulled over for waxing his plate.
  18. LakeLeaf

    Radar Detector: Power and Mount

    I've used a dual blend mount in other vehicles - one for the ScanGauge and one for the V1. Didn't know there was something available for about 1/2 the price. Would love to see some pix of your install.
  19. LakeLeaf

    Website for optimal EV-routes

    Several routes I tried were along plotted along the fastest roads with the more elevation gain instead of the slower, flatter roads.
  20. LakeLeaf

    Can one switch modes (D,B,N) too much when driving?

    The shifting is software, isn't it? Hopefully Nissan doesn't have a Toyota "Thread X" issue. When you start to read the details of the Toyota unintended accelerateration and the plethora of bad hardware and software design issues, it makes you really take pause. A couple of threads on the...