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    Buying a 2019 SL Plus

    Will you get the 4k Fed. point of sale rebate?if under 25k..
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    Part Wanted Need the Little charger adaptor for 240-120 volt charger

    Emailed Seattle CL...waiting for a buyer ie op....
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    Part Wanted Need the Little charger adaptor for 240-120 volt charger

    Go back to dealer and retrieve?Check Seattle craigslist,one listed good luck...
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    2017 Leaf tekna I need an advice

    Do your homework.Read the buying guide on this site!!!!The white 17 is BAD!!! 5 or 6 Battery bars the bars on right side of dash screen starts with a red bar....for 50km commute you will need 10 plus because in winter you loose 25-35% of range.Keep looking and read the buying guide. pm me for...
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    Onboard Charger

    ISO a repair facility that can diagnose & repair OBCs model year 2011/2012 or does someone have one stashed in a shed? Thank you Bob
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    2019 Leaf SL Plus

    What color is your SL Plus, and condition of the tires,thank you Bob
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    Test Driving tomorrow (6/2) - should I buy?

    Check with the Oregon DEQ...The application is on the site.Be sure to check.. .This is not instant 2500.00 discount at the dealer imho.Be wary if the dealer says they will take care of it.Try to wait if possible ..check your local Cl or or ev club,for a leaf with a replaced battery.Also on Cl...
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    How do you increase the value of the Leaf?

    A clean and waxed car,detailed interior,a list of all charging locations within a 20 mile radius,especially the free ones.Also offer to meet at a QC station to show the potential new owner the process.Also show the home charging if possible.Mention this great website,also the...
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    2015 Leaf S - expensive damage identified - best to avoid?

    Would look around a bit.Possible front end/steering rack damage?2013 grey sl 89000 kms 11 bars for 11,400 can. on craigslist victoria in Port Coquitlam..private sale..If you can wait til the border opens.Maybe get one in Seattle area.Long post on the Victoria Ev club site on importing.The S...
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    Nissan QC Needs EE/Love

    Anyone need a winter project?..? South of Miami New cost 13k.Now 64.00 four days to go.
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    Leaf SOH bars too good to be true?

    Looks very good.Did you see the for sale section.A 13 sl with a newer pack,white in Atlanta.Also 92 % soc.
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    New in Northern VA

    Alex. also... Rosehill/Franconia...Check out Johnny,s New york pizza in Kingstowne.Same lot as Ev go Qc,on par with Valentino,s at Landmark.
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    New in Northern VA

    Yw,new EVgo qc in Kingstowne also.Have you tried Taco Bamba? Where ru in Nova? thks Bob
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    New Member, trying to get off the fence

    2016 sl 42k miles for 9999.00 private sale. 24 miles from 11101. Could work,,, on cars,com late 2016 builds are good,
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    New in Northern VA

    For less range anxiety the Ev Go Qc,s in Annandale,Seven Corners,Barcroft,Springfield work great,though all with in a 10 mile radius.Free chargepoint 240 at City Hall in FallsChurch.Great farmers market Saturday,s year around.Chris,s Marketplace crab cakes are awsome.
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    New Member, trying to get off the fence

    Do you have the time/ability to charge during the 80 mile trip?Plug share/Ev go/Chargepoint and others will show most chargers on Long Island.My guess is the 2017 will drive the same as the 2019,though with less range.You can charge at home?2017 will be @6k less 11k vs 17k than a 2018.Once you...
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    Buying a used leaf in 2020

    Second the easy commute.Why not a 2011 or 2012 with a replacement pac w/11 or 12 bars.Local craigslist,s prices start @4k.I went this route from a forum owner.Very happy with the seats,ride,handling,range,acceleration.Also check,autotrader,true car,car guru,myev.Try to buy from private...
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    Have To Make Decision By Today. Which Year And Trim?

    Also agree with others....The economy/jobs is really bad ie recession/depression.Wise to avoid debt...Thks bob
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    Have To Make Decision By Today. Which Year And Trim?

    Check DC craigslist .four leafs for 5000-7500.11 bars for a 2013 and 78k miles...possible bms manipulation?...If you have more time I am in Alexandria for questions.thks Bob
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    Looking for Leaf; lost out on 2 attempts

    The KBB site gives the Private sale value of 7800-9700 Trade In 6400-7800.The sale price always depends on a few variables between seller and buyer.Try to keep emotion out of the deal.The impending stock market crash may soften prices.