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  1. GeekEV

    Lizard battery capacity

    It seems likely that different battery chemistry would give different readings. Since the % number is interpolated from other numbers, the software in the gid meter probably needs an update. But I'm totally guessing here, since I've never had a gid meter and don't even have my LEAF anymore...
  2. GeekEV

    HOW TO: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) installed for $35

    I don't know how long this is good for, buy this looks like a decent kit for dirt cheap:
  3. GeekEV

    Using Tesla charging station with J1772 protocol

    AFAIK, and I'm sure Tony could confirm, Tesla's L2 charging protocol *is* J1772 already - it's only the physical plug form factor that's different. That's why a J1772-to-Tesla adapter is possible (and ships with every Tesla). Their HPWC is essentially an 80A J1172 EVSE, all you need to do is...
  4. GeekEV

    HOW TO: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) installed for $35

    That happens after a system reset. Roll the window up and hold it up for about five seconds. Auto up should start working again. Not sure why it does that, but it does.
  5. GeekEV

    HOW TO: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) installed for $35

    I don't think so. You may well have tripped a safety code. Try the 12v reset.
  6. GeekEV

    HOW TO: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) installed for $35

    There is also a fuse box on the left hand side of the dashboard panel. It's hidden by the door when closed. Did you check in there? And the one under the hood? If so, maybe try a system reset by disconnecting the negative terminal from the 12v battery for a few minutes and reconnect. EVs in...
  7. GeekEV

    HOW TO: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) installed for $35

    I don't know for sure. The service manual only specifies that it's 12V. Since its only purpose is to drive the ignition relay, my guess is not much. Fortunately, LED kits such as this don't take much power - the kit I used is rated at a scant 0.7W. I wouldn't try to do anything else with it.
  8. GeekEV

    Enphase's new RMA system stinks!

    You seem to be totally overthinking this one. I would interpret the "advanced replacement units" to be poor grammar, nothing more. I'm pretty sure they mean "advance replacement units" in that they are sent to you in advance of you replacing them. By "an email should follow" they mean "you will...
  9. GeekEV

    Annual OpenEVSE Steampunk Contest

    I love this idea! I'd like to see some of the cooler designs picked up an offered for sale. I'd totally have a steampunk EVSE if I could buy one. Particularly if it were 80A. ;)
  10. GeekEV

    The Science behind EV chargers

    Ingineer, the guy behind the "EVSE Upgrade" you hear so much about here, usually has plenty of informative things to say about such systems. If he doesn't chime in here, you can always check his back catalog: :D...
  11. GeekEV

    EVs Blocking Charging Stations

    At least have the decency to plug-in and PRETEND to be charging... Sheesh! :roll:
  12. GeekEV

    Problem installing Daytime running lights

    Vehicle ground is any bare metal bit on the chassis. Find an exposed bolt loosen it and hook it under there and cinch down again. I'm not sure if they would consider an electric to be like a hybrid or like as regular car though. Maybe call and ask them? There's probably a technical support...
  13. GeekEV

    Can you claim Fed/State Tax incentive/Credit again

    The California Clean Vehicle Rebate Program is now limited to a maximum of two rebates per entity/ person:" onclick=";return false;
  14. GeekEV

    iPhone will stop playing music randomly

    There are some serious bugs with the music player in iOS 8. I have similar problems with my iPhone 6+ over Bluetooth with my Tesla.
  15. GeekEV

    Chargepoint Petition against PG&E charger build-out in CA

    I agree 100%. While I am a fan of ChargePoint for what they've accomplished thus far and the overall quality of their offerings, I was disappointed by their email opposing this move PG&E. I did not sign it and nearly sent them a nasty retort, but refrained. Perhaps we should start a counter...
  16. GeekEV

    2016 Koenigsegg Regera: 1500 Horsepower PHEV

    Yeah, that thing is pretty sick.
  17. GeekEV

    Tesla to owners: Please don't pimp your rides

    That just smacks of boilerplate. But they do have a point. As a "small" startup company, if you mod your car and botch it, others could look at the botched mod as a Tesla problem not realizing the owner did it and thus gain a negative impression of Tesla as a whole.
  18. GeekEV

    Advanced nuclear reactors as part of a low carbon future

    Maybe and, sadly, probably not (respectively).
  19. GeekEV

    Jim Cramer on Elon Musk's 2014 Q4 Conference Call

    I think Musk is focusing on doing the right thing for the industry, his customers and the company. Investors be damned. As it should be IMHO. You should invest in a company because you believe in what they're doing, not because they'll pander to your desire to make money.
  20. GeekEV

    Apple's project “Titan” BEV

    edatoakrun, I'm with you. I think you've nailed it. While I have my doubts about them actually producing a car (although in sure they could), I find it far more likely they're out to redesign the car computer systems.