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    Leaf interior upgrade question

    For anyone else trying this ZE1 seats and door cards (trims) swap into AZE0 upgrade The front seats need the seatbelt receiver wires extended about 400mm, everything else is a direct swap The rear centre seatbelt receiver needs to be sourced from the ZE1 donor car, otherwise the rear seat is a...
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    Leaf interior upgrade question

    I have a 2016 Leaf Tekna, and I recently bought a crashed 2022 Leaf Plus as a donor car I intend to swap the nicer 2022 leather seats into my Tekna. Does anyone know if the door trims from the 2022 will fit the 2016 doors? They look similar And yes, the 60KWh battery will also be swapped into...
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    Anyone added a second drive battery?

    I have a 30kWh battery in the boot of my 2013 leaf. It runs in parallel with existing 24kWh HV battery. A second set of contactors are also mounted in the boot. Both batteries are well used (SoH about 58%). I get a usable 33kWh, which is about what a used ZE1 40kWh has Total cost was about...
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    62KWh battery fuse

    Does anyone know the rating of the battery fuse in a 62KWh battery pack? If manufacturer and part number is known that would be very helpful TIA
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    The 62kWh Battery Topic

    Does anyone have the specifications on the HV battery fuse in the 62kWh battery pack? I'm transplanting the pack into a 30kW 2016, and keeping the 160kW inverter for another project. I'd rather not open the battery pack just to harvest the fuse (to keep with the inverter) TIA
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    2023 60 kWH vs 2022 62 kWH?

    I have just got a late model "long range" battery pack in the workshop It is a UK battery build. The label on the battery has a May 2022 assembly date with a stated capacity of 60kWh. Leafspy pro reports it as a 62kWh battery with 97.6% SoH 169 Ah The car was sold new in November 2022 So it...
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    Extender battery not fully charging

    I have thought about this and am now of the opinion it is not relevant to my situation. I'll explain why I have come to this conclusion The bruteforce battery swap used higher capacity modules and the original LBC and other battery box components. The battery architecture remained factory, but...
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    Extender battery not fully charging

    Thanks. Unfortunately I can't expand the picture enough to decypher it. A CT (current transformer) sensor is located on the battery box. There is another one on the DC side of the inverter. The former reads half the actual current (and half goes to/comes from the extender battery), and the...
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    New Zealand Company To Offer Battery Pack Replacements

    EV's Enhanced is the leading EV specialist company in NZ Their product will be world class, and much better than what Nissan fitted as OEM Price will be the killer. 40kWh for about NZ$20k (price yet to be announced) I know the guys from EV's Enhanced, and I seriously doubt they would rip off...
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    Extender battery not fully charging

    Thanks for the explanation Is there a way to overcome this? How does the OBC keep track of energy fed into the battery? I can't see any current sensor in the charger section
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    Hv battery connector splitter?

    I went in through the PDM cover, connected onto the vehicle side of the bus bars that are bolted to the fast charge contactors, and used cable glands to seal the entry points (in the cover above the heat pump cable entry point). This ensures excellent electrical connections (poor connections...
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    Extender battery not fully charging

    It's in the boot (trunk) floor. It raises the floor by the width of the modules, plus the new lining on top. I used 10mm hardboard to make the boot floor flat. I have used the factory mounting hardware to mount the batteries into the boot, with several 50mm x 700mm steel reinforcing straps...
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    Extender battery not fully charging

    Thanks fir your reply I'm not sure how the leaf "knows" how much power has gone into the battery??? Only half the power is going through the current sensor inside the battery pack. The only other current sensor is in the inverter, measuring motor power And why does fast charging allow a full...
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    When does cell balancing happen?

    I do a "long balance" on a salvage battery pack before I put it into a vehicle. I have a cable that plugs into the multi-pin connector on the battery. All that is needed is 12V +ve into ign and stay-alive, and earth into about 4 wires. My cable also has OBD plug, so I can monitor with leafspy...
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    Extender battery not fully charging

    My current project is a 2015 leaf with 24kWh battery @ 58% SoH I have added an extender battery into the boot, from a 2015 30kWh leaf @ 62% SoH. This is wired directly into the PDM, using the same bolts that connect busbars inside the PDM. This avoids possible water ingress into spliced HV...
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    Gradual Capacity Loss (GCL)

    I have just purchased a 2013 "3 bar" leaf that has just had P33D4 code appear. SOH from leafspy pro is 33.31% Car apparently has a range of 50km, but I'm sceptical about that I have several good batteries here at my workshop, so it will get a 10 or 11 bar replacement and get sold-on for a...
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    Lane departure warning not working - 2016 leaf

    For anyone else looking for the LDW on/off switch for JDM AZEO-2 leaf 30KWh It is found on the 4 button group (2x2) near the steering wheel that is used to access trip meters, battery SOC %, instantaneous energy usage, clock 12/24 hour, L1/L2 time to recharge etc. Scroll through to a heading...
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    Lane departure warning not working - 2016 leaf

    JDM leaf got LDW in 12/15 AZEO-2 30KWh facelift
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    Lane departure warning not working - 2016 leaf

    I have a 2016 leaf, and the ldw (lane departure warning) does not seem to be working When the car is switched on, the green ldw symbol on the dash lights up, then goes out. So this is normal But when I cross the centre line I don't get any warning sounds or lights on the dash Is there an...
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    What controls HV battery charging?

    We have been swapping battery modules, while leaving the original LBC in place, for years. The reported negative affects have been limited to an inaccurate GOM, fuel gauge and turtle indicator I have personally run one of these "hybrid" packs for years, and have no serious side affects to...