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    UK DAB radio swap from Tekna to Accenta

    As far as I know, DAB became available on Leaf in 2016, so your 2015 radio probably doesn't have DAB. You may want to check that first. Also, I believe that the radio needs to be coded to the car's VIN. But a Nissan-dealer should be able to help you with that.
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    New member looking for a leaf

    I assume that you are located in the UK? If so, it is correct that Leaf 2018-> has a Type 2-charging port. Most users here are based in the US where Leaf has always had Type 1 (US don't use Type 2). There is adapters available, an example here...
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    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    @tricia.collick In the UK and Europe, Tesla are now using the CCS-standard and thus have no interest in Chademo.
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    Battery Degradation of a high mileage Leaf

    Ukraine has been dependant on Russian oil and gas, so there has been an interest in EVs even before the 2022 invasion over there. I don't know how it is to use an EV there under the current situation, but there is a steady stream of secondhand EVs going there from Norway and other countries too...
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    Battery Degradation of a high mileage Leaf

    Probably gone to Ukraine. Old Leafs and other EVs have been in high demand recently here in Norway. The cars are being exported to Ukraine. They don't mind about any faults, they fix them up. I have been contacted by three different people that wanted to buy my 2014 Leaf. I am not interested in...
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    Can I tow with my 2019 ze1?

    Can add to this that in Europe you will need a manufacturer-specified towing capacity in order to legally tow anything. As Nissan does not specify a towing capacity for Leaf, no towing is permitted. I understand that things are different in the US and don't know how this is in Australia.
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    DAB radio on ze1

    It is an European thing, but there are other countries that use DAB too. However, two notable exceptions are Japan and the US. There are some import of US-cars (including US-spec Leafs) into Europe, and you run into the same problem there.
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    DAB radio on ze1

    I understand that your car is imported from Japan according to another post you made. Japan does not have DAB broadcasts to my knowledge, so there would be no reason for Nissan to implement this feature on cars sold in Japan. As mentioned above, a DAB-adapter is the easiest way to go.
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    2013-2014 bar losers and capacity losses

    A small update here. I lost the first bar last October, so down to 11 bars now. SOH was then at 84%. I don't know if it is winter and cold temperatures that causes it, but SOH is now back to 87% for some reason. So technically I could claim that I am still at 12 bars... ;) Whatever, the car is...
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    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    CE-certification is not a sign of approval or testing from an independent or government agency. It is just a mark the manufacturer put on a product to prove that it is built to meet European standards. Therefor, it is entirely possible that the product doesn't really meet those standards if the...
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    Stupid Headlight question

    Are you located in Europe? On European Leafs with halogen headlamps (without low-beam LED), that bluish part is where the parking lamp goes (a small 5W bulb). On US-spec Leafs, there is no bulb there. Apart from that, I believe both the European and the US Leaf use a H4 halogen bulb on that type...
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    Happy New EV, well my 2014 Nissan Leaf

    As you say you have an Accenta, I will assume that you are located in Europe? If so, the 2G network (not 3G on that generation Leaf) may still be functioning. I am located in Norway and still have functional Carwings. The 2G network will be closed down here around 2025, so it is on its last leg...
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    Although CCS1 is being replaced by NACS in North America, CCS2 will still be around in Europe for instance. I am guessing that they can make the adapter in both CCS1 and CCS2 as it is labelled "CCS1/2".
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    Renting an EV in the US

    Thanks. Just checked and I can't download the apps for Electrify America and EVgo. I could perhaps try to change my location in the app store to download them. Chargepoint seems to be the same in Europe as in the US, so I think that will work fine. We will be renting a house for our stay. I'll...
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    Renting an EV in the US

    Thanks for your replies. What are the major charging networks in Florida? I am not worried about not being able to use my card as such, but experiences from Europe shows that you can run into trouble registering your card in the designated app if it is a foreign card. Sometimes you may not...
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    Renting an EV in the US

    Thanks for the feedback. How difficult is it to pay for charging sessions? This has been an issue in Europe with different apps and RFIDs all over the place. That is the reason I would opt for a Tesla as I can use the same app as in Norway. I know there has been problematic for tourists to...
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    Renting an EV in the US

    We are planning for a vacation in Florida next year and I guess we will need to rent a car for the stay. I know Hertz at least have EVs, in particular Tesla and I think maybe that Tesla Superchargers will be the easiest way of charging. Anyone have any experiences or advice to share? I could of...
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    Touchscreen / System Diagnostic Menu access

    As I understand it, you are located in Europe. AFAIK, all Tekna 2016 and up have DAB. Look at the top left button on the side of the touch screen. If you have a button that says "RADIO", it is a DAB-unit. The older cars will have a button that says "FM-AM" there. They do not have DAB. I suspect...
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    Battery Degradation of a high mileage Leaf

    My Leaf has only been to the local Nissan-dealer twice during my years with the car. Once for a recall and once for bodywork after another car hit it while parked at a shopping mall. I do all the maintenance and most repairs myself. There was no problem when booking an appointment for the...
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    A roadtrip to Vorarlberg Austria

    Interesting to read about your experiences. I have also used ABRP a bit, but find it to be very useful once you learn to play with the settings a little bit. ABRP tend to be on the pessimistic side when it comes to consumption in my case, so I usually arrive with more % left on the battery than...