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    After 5 years, it finally left me stranded....

    We started with a 2011 Leaf. But after the lease was up, we got another Leaf. So now we have a 13 with one year left on the lease. You know.. I don't know that I'd carry such a thing around. But, it did occur to me yesterday that if I knew somebody nearby that owned such a thing, I could...
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    After 5 years, it finally left me stranded....

    Yes, I'm definitely committed to driving electric. This little incident isn't going to detract me. But I'm just not interested in any more 85 mile BEVs unless the charging infrastructure around here grows significantly. Sadly, we don't even have many L2 stations. Although I did pass a few...
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    After 5 years, it finally left me stranded....

    It was already marked in plugshare as business hours only.. I was just a bonehead and didn't look that close. I saw the orange dot on plugshare map and I thought I had used that station before and thought it was an EVgo station.
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    After 5 years, it finally left me stranded....

    Oh.. Don't get the wrong impression. This is not the primary reason. This is just like the straw that broke the camel's back. The main issue is the lack of charging station development in Texas. When we got our first Leaf back in 2011 there were charging stations popping up all over the...
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    After 5 years, it finally left me stranded....

    We're on our second Leaf. And so far, neither me nor my wife have been left stranded, until last night. There was a perfect storm of variables that led to it, though. So I left my place in Kennedale, Tx to far north Fort Worth to pick up a friend (about 27 miles). From there we drove to...
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    2016 30 kWh Battery data

    Is it unusual for a brand new battery to be that out of balance?
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    Any chance the new 30Kwh battery is liquid cooled?

    Not necessarily. After all, praising the new liquid cooling too much would amount to admitting it was a mistake not to have it in the first place.
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    Any chance the new 30Kwh battery is liquid cooled?

    Nissan says you cannot retrofit a 30Kw battery into an older Leaf. If the new battery required connection to the HVAC system for thermal management, that would explain that. Secondly, I've now seen that they are offering a more robust capacity warranty on the 30Kwh battery. Which means they...
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    Help with Texas inspection/registration

    I already did that.. The answer was ambiguous. It doesn't tell me for sure that I can wait another 6 months to renew my inspection or if I have to do it now. The answer I got was:
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    Help with Texas inspection/registration

    I know we are moving to a 1-sticker system. And I know you are supposed to get your car inspected 90 days prior to your registration. But I'm in a situation where my inspection expires in just a few days and my registration is not due for another 6 months. How is this handled?
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    No auto shut off! Car on all night

    I left my Leaf on all day at work one time. I think I lost two or three battery charge bars as a result. fortunately, the HVAC system was off.
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    Will a 2011 leaf charge 31 miles in 11 hours on 120V?

    Typically 120V charging will give you 4 or 5 miles of range per hour of charging. So worst case scenario (using 4 miles per hour) So 11 hours would be 44 miles of range.
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    2013-2014 bar losers and capacity losses

    There have been very few anecdotal reports of 2013's with capacity loss. The battery was completely redesigned for 2013, but Nissan never specifically mentioned that it would be more heat resistant. And since we don't have any statistical data all we can really go off of are the anecdotes...
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    Permanent removal of rear bench seat proposal...

    It would be impractical to 3D print anything as large as what you are talking about. You'd be better off making it out of something else.
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    Barebones L1 extremely low current trickle charger?

    Yep - only on 2013-2015 models. The 2011-2012 models have the settings on the EVSE itself.
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    What annoys you most about driving an ICE car?

    I had to drive my parent's some place the other day in their Honda CR-V. It's a relatively new car. But it was awful. It was especially bad sitting at stop lights because of the idle vibration. But also when taking off, I kept thinking there was something wrong with the transmission because...
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    Barebones L1 extremely low current trickle charger?

    I have tried the EVSE that came with my 2012 Volt. It has a setting on it for 8 or 12 amps. The Leaf worked fine with either setting. You can pick up a 2011/2012 Chevy Volt EVSE on ebay for under $300 most of the time..
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    Toyota engineer: BEVs won't spread even with rapid chargers

    My hope is that Toyota is planning some better PHEV models (with more than 11 miles of range) and when the new Prius comes out, maybe we'll see. In the meantime they might as well badmouth other EV products since they have nothing to really lose.
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    Adding factory nav and reverse camera to base Chevy Volt

    Interesting post. I am currently in the process of buying a 2013 Volt to replace my 2012 that I'm returning off lease shortly. This 2013 I'm buying is the color I want inside and out, and the price I want, but it lacks heated seats, backup camera, and NAV. I have wondered about the...
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    Georgia an electric car giant - But will it last?

    I kept hearing that they were going to kill the credit. However, after reading the article and seeing that they are just going to lower it, and eventually phase it out, I'm ok with that. We didn't even have any state incentives here in Texas for a while. We finally got $2,500 last year. But...