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    2021 CA HOV sticker

    This sounds like a joke. I definitely placed one on the back bumper
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    Does 2021 Leaf actually offer V2X capabilities?

    Got this response in the past (a year or so back?) The power control system used for “Leaf to Home” functionality, the EV Power Station, is manufactured by Nichicon Corporation. According to Nissan spokesperson Azusa Momose, Leaf customers in Japan do not purchase the EV Power Station from...
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    2018 Nissan Leaf - Really Poor Range

    Schedule the charging to end right before you plan to leave (helps warm the battery). Then also prewarm the car inside while plugged in before driving in the cold.
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    Door Warning Lights on - All doors closed

    Did you try opening and closing the back hatch? Any possibility of small critters (mice) getting in and crewing on wires?
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    Loud reverse braking

    I have a 2017 SV Leaf. I park in our garage. In the mornings when I back up while lightly applying the brakes, the car sounds like screeching cats. Loud high pitch sound, very annoying. My other cars have never done this. Wonder if this is a design problem or the pads were not installed...
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    Tokyo Motor Show 2019

    Don’t forget to try/enjoy the “Onsens” ( hot springs)!
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    Michelin Energy Saver 90V verses 91H

    I called the Michelin Info # 1-866-866-6605. The first person I talked to just gave me the generic difference on weight capacity and speed capacity that you already had. The second person I ask for the MPG difference btwn the 90V and the 91H and she transferred me to someone with a little...
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    SDGE EV meter removal

    If you talk to the right person at SDGE ( Randy Schimka), the second Meter could be left in place as a research meter without charging you a monthly fee. But the main meter is required to be on TOU now if you go solar and NET metering. I was in the same situation last year in December. There...
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    Opnions requested: Purchased 2011 Leaf that turned out to have a 2G TCU

    I sold my 2011 to someone who wanted a used EV. She only needed it for short trips. She got it with a fairly new battery replacement. I did tell her about the upgrade on The TCU to 3g with AT&T, and the features, but she didn’t really need them and decided not to pay for the upgrade. I...
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    The official "I got my Leaf" thread

    Nice! Any more left at that dealer?
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    CA owners - are you removing your white/green HOV decals?

    Well, my yellow carpool decals are still on our 2002 Prius. Seemed too much work to take them off, and no real need to. For my 2017 Leaf did want the extended red HOV Decals, so took some of the tips suggested above. Got a razor blade to help start at the edges, pliers, and a helpful wife...
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    Fuel taxes

    New Mexico’s current gas tax is at 17 cents per gallon. Raising the current gas tax to 27 cents per gallon would allocate $333 million in revenue by the 2022 budget year for the State and Local Road Funds. New Mexico's government has not raised the tax on gasoline since 1993. The state’s tax...
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    Fuel taxes

    This surplus you say NM has because of the booming oil and gas industry isn’t going to begin to pay for the future extreme weather changes/damages. The Federal gas tax hasn’t been raised for some 23-25 years (forgot exactly how long), so it is up to the States to raise the needed funds for...
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    Brief torque loss during acceleration, a potential life-threatening event.

    rduclos, Understand your concern 100%. That would be very unsettling if the acceleration wasn’t there when you expected and needed it. Traction control could be part of the issue. (As cwerdna mentioned.) I remember (vaguely) that my 2002 Prius had an issue similar, but I think it was related...
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    IEVS: California’s New Purple HOV Sticker To Debut In January 2019

    As the program is due to end 9/30/2025.??? Which program? New Purple stickers Available 1/1/2019, expires, 12/31/2023, i.e. one year later than the current Red stickers.
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    Am I nuts or scared?

    I would assume you want the heated steering wheel and heated seats. Forgot if the 2015 SL has this, but pls check.
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    Official Tesla Model 3 thread

    In winter time there is a phenomenon that occurs if you park your car outside. It is called “ICE Happens” ;) One solution, get a car cover.
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    Vibration / Resonance in my Leaf - nobody can find cause

    I have a 2017with 18,000 miles on it. My wife is very sensitive to rough driving/or hard tires. In another 6 months I may need to get another set of Michelin Tires. Check the tires AND the air pressure. Are the tires too thin? Pressure too high? Or different tires than Michelin? When I had my...
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    2016-2017 model year 30 kWh bar losers and capacity losses

    Just lost my 1st capacity bar on my 2017 Leaf after 17094 miles and 1 year 10 months. (QC = 265, L2 = 451/timer) At time of purchase AHr = 81.32. Now 66.52 so a little over 18% capacity loss. (First year at 9500 miles lost about 10.5% per AHr readings). Note: this is before the Nissan SW...
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    Funny you should mention this ant issue. I have never had any ants crawling on (or in) my car until this year. Whenever it gets hot in the summer we also seem to get more of the small black ants coming into the house - they are attracted to food, of course, but also smelly laundry or even...