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    2012 - how large of a USB thumb drive can be used

    I have always had funny problems with USB playback on various Leaf generations. Like, it worked, but often times it started playing my album from the very beginning sometimes, forgetting where was it the last time (very annoying to keep listening to the same song on short drives). It turned out...
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    Restart from turtle

    Thank you for a detailed reply. I am trying to correlate your experience with my data. For one thing, my leaf didn't "shut down" - or perhaps it did and I didn't recognize it? How would such a shutdown look like? Regardless of that, when I parked, my battery state was both under 2kWh (about...
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    Restart from turtle

    Thanks for the reply. I do have LeafSpy Pro. I was hoping there could be something like that when asking this question, but it didn't occur to me back in the situation. So are you saying that "I've been to turtle" is just a DTC code? If I clear it, I'll have a chance at moving it few more...
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    Restart from turtle

    40kWh 2021 Leaf. I've got into turtle mode going uphill on a very low battery (>1.5kWh left). I have turned around, shifted to 'P' to drop off a passenger (living up that hill, almost made it) and tried to go downhill to a nearby DC charger (1.1mi). But the car would only go to neutral after...
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    charging infrastructure supporting NACS

    It's a pretty common flow for any higher-power (>100W) power supply. Your PC has one just like that. The frontend (PFC) produces slightly pulsing DC, say in the range of 350-400V, so it's the first AC->DC stage. It's pulsing because a 1F grid input doesn't deliver the power continuously but...
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    Good dealer(ship) in Bay Area

    My loved trustworthy 2011 Ocean Blue SL with 22k miles got rear ended this week and declared total loss by the insurance. I already miss it badly (can't deal with that rental ICE the insurance pays for) and am looking for a replacement. Could anyone here suggest good dealership / person to work...
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    Energy accounting

    I wonder how good the car is at energy accounting. I am using LeafSpy and one day, I have watched the watt-hours counter white waiting on a long red light. Usually it counts 1 tick every 12s in such a case (No AC, no heater, 300W LV power), but this time, it was ticking much faster (like if...
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    LEAFSpy Pro on New Phone--Wants Me to Pay Again

    Certainly not my experience. I have bought LeafSpy Pro once and got it installed on a second (dedicated) device using the same account.
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    Trashed Leafs

    Have you ever tried quickly pulling the disconnect? The disconnect (service plug) is in the middle of the passenger compartment, covered with metal shield secured by 3 bolts. It's purpose is not emergency disconnect but rather reducing the danger whenever working on the HV system (by breaking...
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    Mini-QC Rapid-Charger (RC) Project for LEAF QC Port

    Late question (for the record, I have read this thread in the entirety and many of the referenced materials): Did anyone tried how would Leaf/QC respond to a pulsing input power? Let's say like if it was directly from a PFC stage and plenty of capacitors in between, so the charger output...
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    New Leaf 2016 SL, Bad Battery?

    Could this be the "Shunt Order" setting? There was an argument whether it should be 8421 or 4812. You could try to open Leaf Spy and in Settings, Battery section, change the "Shunt Order" to the other one than you currently have in there. Then verify the cell statistics screen, whether it now...