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    Gen 2 fuse tap extender for hardwiring accessories

    It sounds as though you ran your wires up the A pillar and across the headliner. This poses the risk of crossing over the air bag. If I was going to go that route, I'd put a low tension interconnect (plug) where it crosses over just in case the air bag needs to deploy. I ran my wires to the...
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    2012 - how large of a USB thumb drive can be used

    64Gig works in our 2019 SL but won't handle Flac files.
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    Charge time estimate not working

    You're doing everything correctly. We use that screen a lot. The car does have to be on, so turn it on and go to that screen or check that screen before you turn it off. If the problem doesn't clear by itself, you probably have a code that needs to be cleared.
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    How often do you drive without ECO?

    Lately, with the wet, dirty, leaf covered roads, my wife has been complaining that it's been difficult to moderate wheel spin. I suggested it would help that issue if she try ECO. It lasted all of two stop signs. :ROFLMAO: Previous to this car she was driving a MX5 and previous to that a Honda...
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    Bargains on 2023 Leafs

    My charger has an app that has the timed charge feature but the app was more trouble than it was worth. I just use the dashboard readout that gives time to charge to 75% and add 17 minutes. That pretty much nails the 80% number every time. I use a handheld stopwatch timer to know when to unplug it.
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    Overhead Console Schematic

    I'm not still looking but that looks very handy for the next time. Thanks. I just poked around until I found a switched hot wire and soldered a connection into that. The connection I found turned out to be timed to turn off several minutes after you leave the car so it was perfect for a dash...
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    Overhead Console Schematic

    It's a 2019 SL. I assumed any schematic would be generic to all models but I should have specified gen2.
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    Car covers

    I should have mentioned, it's very light and can be a bit of a challenge if you have to take it on and off by yourself. If that's the case, you might consider spending the extra money on something heavier in a custom cover like Silverguard or Silverguard Plus...
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    Overhead Console Schematic

    Any chance someone has a wiring diagram for the overhead console?
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    Car covers

    I got this one. It fits well and is very reflective.