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    Nissan Leaf Wiper Blades: Part Numbers and Compilation from Forum

    On my 2023 Leaf SV+ the rear wiper blade is not very effective, though it's OK in warm enough weather. But in sub-20˚F temps it actually becomes actually useless, failing to wipe a large swath of glass. It must made of very temperature sensitive rubber and is contracting or something. Is there...
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    2024 Leaf

    See '24 Leaf Owners Manual: 1) You can cycle through different driver info displays by pushing the right or left buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. One of these has a digital numeric speedometer. This is...
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    Oh, and we did get the car just in the right window of time in 2023 for the full $7,500 US federal tax credit. Yay!
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I already posted once but here are some things I like about my 2023 Leaf SV+, begin nerd mode: 1) Driver seat position is higher than a lot of sedans. This makes it more comfortable to get in and out of, and improves driver view. 2) Good rear view. A couple of sisters in law have Toyota Prius...
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I have no idea about the brake fluid, but tire rotation is important to keep wear from becoming uneven.
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I love my 2023 Leaf SV+. When I un-retired and got a job at MDI Biological Laboratory in late 2022 we had just one car our 2020 RAV4 Hybrid (a great mid sized SUV - ours is nicknamed Shankar after Ravi Shankar and it's bright blue). My husband was stranded at home weekdays, which he did mind a...
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    Drafting trucks on the highway…

    I should say I feel no need to follow trucks closely, and usually give them a wide berth. I hate being tailgated, which happens almost every day on my rural road commute in Downeast Maine. Idiots will be one car length behind me at 40-55 mph and at any moment a deer or two or three could run out...
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    Drafting trucks on the highway…

    With newer Leaf models with radar adaptive cruise control drafting would be safer than models or trims that lack the feature. You could set the following distance to the closest setting. And it should actually improve both your efficiency and the truck's MPG, because a car drafting disrupts...
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    2023 Nissan EV Sales

    Reportedly, Nissan UK is pausing manufacturing the Leaf now, but will be retooling for a new generation to come out when the factory is ready. The same Sunderland plant will be making electric Juke and Qashqai (US name Rogue) SUVs there. It is about time for a refresh of the model. (I do love my...
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    Leaf production ending/ends in UK, March 2024

    I wonder what the next gen of Leaf will be like. Looks like they will have to retool to make it in the UK, so it will probably be radically different to Gen 1 and Gen 2 Leaf bodies. Hope Nissan won't get rid of the traditional style controls and displays. A current bad example of how to do this...
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    Low tire pressure warning

    My 2023 SV+ started saying something like "Tire Maintenance Needed," and it turned out one tire had a puncture. It was losing pressure slowly. I got a tire pump that plugs into what used to be cigarette lighter power port on old cars to boost the pressure now that Maine winter weather has arrived.
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    Correction of speedometer through changing rolling ratio

    Larger diameter wheels and tires will reduce efficiency and range. My 2023 Leaf SV+ seems to be only about 1 mph low at c. 50 mph, per GPS. I usually aim for about 55 mph under good rural road conditions, so I will set the adaptive cruise control for 56 mph, and that works fine.
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    Viscous liquid on passenger side floormat

    I am guessing that microbial life in your hoses is the culprit. Microbes can grow in moist environments and change the water into viscous liquids. The heat pump/air handling hoses may need to be rinsed and blown out with compressed air.
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    Is Level II home charger included?

    In the USA the 2023 Nisan Leafs all came with an EVSE level 2 charge cord, and I think Nissan USA probably continues that. We had a NWMA 14-50R receptacle installed outside our house for charging, with a 50A circuit. I've almost had the car a whole year now and love it. I also use a Clipper...
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    Is Level II home charger included?

    Chevy Bolt is not discontinued now. It's going to return with a new generation and different battery. See: And I also hate that many of the new electrics coming out for North America are large SUVs or luxury...
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    New Icon and (Random?) Beeping Noise on 2023 Leaf

    There is a recall on 2023 Leafs that needs an update at your dealer to fix. It's regarding a potentially dangerous bug in cruise control software that could cause unexpected acceleration. Maybe this relates to your warning? You should schedule service, I think.
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    Leaf dies while driving

    This is a problem that is not unique to the Leaf. We have trouble with our 2020 RAV4 Hybrid not charging its 12 battery enough. We use a battery maintainer to keep that charged up. I have not had trouble with my 2023 Leaf SV+ yet, but I do have a 2X 27 mile commute. It seems like many car...
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    New owners, get your next tires at a nice discount

    I am considering replacing the initial Michelin tires on my 2023 SV+ with Michelin Cross Climate 2 tires. Because I live in coastal Downeast, Maine we get a variety of wet and snowy weathers, black ice, etc. I have heard they are OK to leave on in the summer too, even though they are nominally...
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    How often do you drive without ECO?

    I have an SV+ 2023, and the car is peppy even in ECO mode, so I use it 95% of the time driving rural roads in Downeast, Maine. I occasionally turn it off when driving around Bangor's bigger highways, and if I think I might need to pull away from a stop sign quickly when going home from the lab...