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    Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

    What is the clearance now from bottom of the air dam to the ground?
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    Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

    Have you run any before/after efficiency tests?
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    The 62kWh Battery Topic

    I have seen as much as a 2% jump in both/either directions at the quarterly adjustment.
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    Charging Stations I can use?

    A2Z adapters seen in wild now.
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I fond it humorous how many fewer issues I have had road tripping my Leaf vs. friends with Teslas and Lucids. Part of it is just plain expectations mgmt. and the other part is just the up front stop planning and plugshare check for station operability. While Chademo is waning. Reliability...
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    Nissan Leaf 2018 40kw - State of health nach 40000 Kilometer

    91% ist wieder 12 bars. Unter 84% wurde man 11 bars sehen.
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    100 kW Charging

    I believe the drop happens due to growing delta in the measured temps. The fast charging grows between warmes.and coldest thermometer quickly. In my.past trip home from Kansas, I saw a peak rate of about.53KW, and it held it past 60% from 22%.
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    Low weight rim suggestions

    Thank you, will take a look
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    100 kW Charging

    I believe the only can hit 100KW is the Nissan headquarters. No one else builds out 300amp chademos as it requires liquid cooling. Top rate I have seen in the wild is 80KW.
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    100 kW Charging

    62kWh is nit usable. This is 2019 Leaf Plus, which had 52-53kWh usable at this point (though has since gone up a bit).
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    100 kW Charging

    My Leaf has only about 52-53KW usable, which is 20.8kWh.
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    Feature requests/input for MUXSAN 45kWh replacement LEAF battery

    Even with internal circulation, pack will cool a fair bit faster.
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    100 kW Charging

    The car charged faster.than the ev6 and bolt charging nearby.
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    New to the Forum

    What has your average Leaf and Ariya efficiency been? Does Nissan plan on raising the max charging rate for the Ariya?
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    Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

    Would be neat to know if it edge out another .1 or .2 miles/kWh on the highway.
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    The 62kWh Battery Topic

    Well, after bring home our S+ from Kansas to Chicago, the S+ has fallen to 90.49% (from the 93% it had been at for a few years). This puts it now just .75% from our SV+ which is at 89.75% SoH. With the batteries now at 5 years (SV+) and 4 & 7/12th years (S+), I feel they are both...
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    Ccs1/2 to chademo adapter, north america

    On Reddit, a few people have said they already ordered one. I am going to give it a couple months before ordering mine and hopefully let the firmware mature a bit.
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    Hoping this one comes with English support.(I guess or french)