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    iOS 8 Handsfree issues

    Thanks for the tip Alan, but other than the force restart i couldn't get it to work... I did the full system reset, then restored my backup... It worked!! I'm back in business!! Thanks everyone!
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    iOS 8 Handsfree issues

    Network reset didn't work... I guess the master reset is next. And I got it... Log out of iCloud first!! Wish me luck?!
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    iOS 8 Handsfree issues

    Thanks OrientExpress and redLeaf!! I'm gonna try the Network settings reset first, and if that fails I'll try the greater reset.
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    iOS 8 Handsfree issues

    Anyone have any ideas what to do if deleting the connection from both the car and the phone, then re-pairing, doesn't work? Apple Store says there's no going back to the previous OS...
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    Missing welds, Nissan may replace up to 211 2014 LEAFs

    Checked mine (manufactured 2/14), hard to see, but I think I've got six welds...
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    LEAFStat iPhone/iPad app to monitor battery status etc.

    Thanks DM33!! So if I understand correctly, I get one of these things (OBDii WiFi), and it appears to matter which one, I can connect to my Leaf more easily than the Nissan app that sends messages to the car, and then informs me once information has been updated? Is it worth it, in anyone's...
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    LEAFStat iPhone/iPad app to monitor battery status etc.

    Boy, I'm sure this is a stupid question, but what is an OBDII wifi connector? Thanks!!
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    different ways to increase range...neutral?

    I don't think my 2014 has "neutral?" Does it?
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    Leaf is not able to charge from a GFCI protected outlet.

    I also charge from a GFCI daily... Waiting for my Juicebox Level 2 to arrive. And the wiring in my home is poor at best...
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    DIY Horn Upgrade Mod - Updated Jan 12

    Just did the upgrade on my 2014 Leaf today... DEFINITELY go at it from the bottom!! I was able to get there from the top, but it is much more difficult that the original (very well done) instructions indicate. It worked though, and I only bled a little... ;)