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    DAB radio on ze1

    I have a 2011 Leaf here in Cheshire, UK. It has a low mileage (22,000) and is in very good condition. Jap import. No inbuilt DAB or DAB+ radio. The audio system has Bluetooth and pairs very easily with my android phone. I can turn on mobile data and then get DAB or DAB+ stations via the...
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    New Member - PLEASE HELP

    I had something similar happen inside my garage and it was definitely the small 12 volt lead acid battery that was at fault. I think that time I just charged the battery. But I do also use a phone app called leaf spy pro which means you can clear any faults from the car's computer. But cold...
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    Looking for help with repairing my leaf battery in Coventry, UK

    Hiya, Do you know about Cleevely ev in Cheltenham? They know a lot about the Nissan Leaf batteries. They also have a mobile repair service. Cleevely Electric Vehicles | Electrical Vehicles | Gloucestershire They are about 60 miles from Coventry. My Leaf sounds a bit like your's. 2011 1st Gen...