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    Reducing maintenance costs - avoid gouging

    I use a short piece of wood (2 x 6 about 18" long) and place it about half way up the ramp, lengthens it just enough to allow the body to clear the ramp! :-)
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    Discuss Tire Registration function of Battery App

    The new version is broken for me and my 2015 SL as well... I've been using the learn function twice a year, switching between summer and winter tires since I bought it in 2015! Tried numerous times with no luck. Finally went to Kaltire and they used their programming device to set them. I do...
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    Battery swap mistake help sought

    I second the vote for Dala... I bought his recommended part (2 port from Aliexpress) and flashed it, was fairly simple, I just need to find a battery now! 😄
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    'My Leaf' a third party app alternative to the official NissanConnect apps

    Yes! I use it in Canada with their recommended Hologram SIM... (Really good installation video to give you an idea of the installation process - )
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    Star Trek TOS and TOS-cast movies

    If you are ever in western Canada (Alberta, BC), this place is fun, the tourist info center has a working Enterprise bridge…
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    Wheel & tyre sizes

    Not a tire expert by any means... but here is what I found! using this site: Tire Size Comparison for my 2015 Leaf SL, my factory tires are 215/50R17, your 18" tires are only .5" larger in diameter, which I believe is negligible. But the Regno's are .4" wider so you may need to see if you get...
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    Leaf bricked - won’t start or charge.

    I have the factory solar panel on the hatch of my 2015SL and have not had a problem with the 12v depleting, on my ICE (which sits unused for weeks at a time) I installed something similar to this: Sunforce 58104 3.5 Watt 12 Volt Solar Battery Trickle Charger with OBD-II Connector...
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    iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

    I just purchased the Kiwi 3 and installed it in my car, fired up the IOS app, and it connected immediately and started working, wow, that was too easy! :-) Thanks for putting together such a great app and for making it available on the iPhone. (2015 Leaf & iPhone 6)