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    2023 Nissan EV Sales

    I have a 24 sv plus. Montreal. Got it because there are free charging stations around, and work is 10km. I got it January. Specs say 350km range. Not in winter, more like 150-200. Home charger about 2500$, and electricity costs. It doesn’t save money. Lease cost is higher, balances gas cost.
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    Newbie 24 SV Plus Montreal

    Traded in my 23 kicks sv. Liked it, suited me well, a great little car. First tried a bolt and a model 3. Picked it up Jan 12. It was cold and we got a big storm. Battery does not like the cold. Extra power needed for heating. From 350 km, I drove about 90 and only had about 40% left. You need a...
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    New EV plus owner

    First time ev owner