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    Battery capacity indicator has just started to drop. Should I be concerned?

    Try the free version of Leaf Spy (Leaf Spy Lite). It will show the state of health just like the paid version, and you won't be out $15.
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    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    62.5kW is adequate. On its best day, a 62kWh Leaf doesn't pull 80kW. AFAIK, Nissan has never told us the max charging speed of the 62kWh Leaf. They just say vague things like "charges in 45 minutes at a 100kW charger". Highest I've ever pulled was 78kW.
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    Leaf won't operate. Warning - Service EV System, Warning - Service EV System Unable to restart after power off

    Yep. There are far too many TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) with too many meanings. LeafSpy can read and clear DTCs. In fact, when my Leaf developed this problem (Service EV System, Car will not restart after power off) for the second time (first was two years ago), I was about 350 miles into a...
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    hello all-My name is Chris-Please HELP

    Ironically, my 2021 SV Plus is currently in the shop for the second time for the Service EV System error. The first time was two years ago. They had it for six weeks and I *begged* Nissan Consumer Affairs to replace the battery, but instead they had their techs spend a few weeks replace the PDM...
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    How to limit charging to 80%

    What market are *you* in? It's not available in the USA or Canada.
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    New Nissan EV app is out!

    Did anyone else lose all of thier trip data? I mean I'm glad the app is working again, but there's no trip/efficiency data under "Reports and Activity" any more, and most functionality has been removed from the NissanConnect webpage.
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    When is Nissan Connect Carwings Going away, i.e., 3G

    But then how would they be able to charge you $12/month for the basic Connect plan after the 3 year trial runs out? This is the same nonsense we put up with with GPS asset trackers for pets, bikes, cars etc. Rather than grab your own prepaid SIM that costs you $2/month, you get to pay a...