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    Leaf won't operate. Warning - Service EV System, Warning - Service EV System Unable to restart after power off

    On Jan 2 I had the same issue on my 2017 8 bar 30 Kwh I wound up Towing it to the Nissan dealer who put in for a new traction battery. apparently the bad cells can cause that symptom. They've got the car & waiting for batt.
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    The battery replacement/buyback thread.

    Here's a new twist; my dealer yesterday advised me that corporate advised them that the car has to go to seven bars to qualify for the warranty. Hmmmmm.... 🙄 Got to love getting your intelligence insulted.
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    2016-2017 model year 30 kWh bar losers and capacity losses

    Lost bar 9 today @ 51 amps 64% soh /40k miles.
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    2016-2017 model year 30 kWh bar losers and capacity losses

    Lost bar 3 @ 34385 BUILD 02/17 AHr 55.61 SOH. 70.01 HX. 30.09 GIDS 254 SOC. 97.6 KWh 19.7 V 394.8
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    Repurposing the telematics antenna

    Has anybody tried repurposing the now unused telematics antenna as an on board cel phone antenna?
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    Non adjustable headrest removal

    I tried that almost to the point of almost ripping the headrest off the posts.
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    Non adjustable headrest removal

    Does anybody know how to remove the non adjustable headrests from the front seat of a 17 SV? (I am installing my seat covers) The manual (Page 1-6) Safety–Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system) shows the locking pin which moves a 1/32 of an inch but will not release the stalk. I've...
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    Leaf 2012 after crash

    All good. 🤣👍. First tow to house was winched. 2nd tow needed to be driven to ramp.
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    Leaf 2012 after crash

    I love being called a liar... Shm***!
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    Leaf 2012 after crash

    When my 2011 got totaled it did the same thing however I disconnected and reconnected the 12-volt battery it started up fine and was able to drive up the tow truck.
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    Why the clock is not adjusted?

    you may want to hit the button where it says display clock so it lights up orange
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    How to charge from solar panels on roof while driving

    Catenary is also an excellent choice if yo don't mind following buses.
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    Sirius XM is going through a renumbering and restructuring of their channels. They say the numbers will correct themselves but I would just re-download them and place them where you need them.
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    In the new Leaf spy pro software, can tou tell me the purpose of the bullhorn and internal speaker buttons on the VSP settings page? They do not show up in the help section and when applied on my 2017SV, ring the backup alarm once.
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    Which of these indicate 80% charge?

    FWIW, ran my 11 bar 30Kwh down this morning to VLBW from 81% indicated and 84% per LS. 18.6 KWh /Drove 53 miles (3.68 m/kwh) used 14.48 KWh. Ending avg. cel v was 3.48, pack v was 326v. 8 gids, Pack temp 113* Percentages definitely not based on cell voltages.
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    Which of these indicate 80% charge?

    I more than understand the Ohm's Law part of this. I guess the part that is puzzling is that all of the manufacturers while speaking the merits of 80% never discuss 80% of what. It's kind of like when sales commercials talk of 50% off but never discuss "Off what" Retail? wholesale? some...
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    Which of these indicate 80% charge?

    Thanks! That does seem to make more sense. In a way earlier post somebody had mentioned that it was 80% of the cel voltage, but even with perfect cels @ 4.2v the cel v drops to 3.36 v at 80% voltage times 96 pairs. 332.56V. This would be way below, more like 35% on leafspy. I need to stop this...
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    Which of these indicate 80% charge?

    80% of new single cell voltage? (4.2V) 80% of available cell voltage? 80% new pack voltage? 80% of available pack voltage? 80% of new pack KWh? 80% of available KWh? 80% of Gids new or available?
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    Is there any way to disable the voice recognition system on a 2017 SV?

    Thanks; but I'm just looking o disable the whole thing. I'm really not into talking to it.