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    Reuters: As EV sales grow, battle over U.S. road weight limits heats up

    You are 100% right. EVs are not inherently heavier, and generally only 10% heavier than their gas counterpart; non-Teslas that is. Teslas are straight up the same weight. The (weight per axle) x miles is the metric that matters for road wear, and freight is the vast majority of that.
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    Battery Upgrades are very possible

    I haven't decided if I'm going to sell it yet. I have a local connection that wants to hire me to do battery swaps for him and he'd probably buy this pack..but I'm not sure I want that. Considering keeping the cells to make my own solar storage system, also considering selling the cell modules...
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    Battery Upgrades are very possible

    Aye, I've been watching the salvage auctions for 4 years and the prices have dropped through the floor in the last 9 months. I thank you ^_^
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    Battery Upgrades are very possible

    Aye, I've been watching the salvage auctions for 4 years and the prices have dropped through the floor in the last 9 months Part of why I got such a deal though, is that there wasn't a picture indicating battery health. So I took a small gamble on that. Ended up being 90% soh
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    Battery Upgrades are very possible

    I've heard that too but not sure just how prevalent. I always check that the seller is an insurance agency for that reason. I got my latest wreck 5 or so weeks ago. Won the auction for $2500, then there was about $1000 in various fees, then after taxes and shipping from Omaha to Minneapolis...
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    Battery Upgrades are very possible

    Oops, meant to do my previous post as a reply so you'd get the notification, so here that is.
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    Battery Upgrades are very possible

    I've sourced 2 packs via insurance salvage auction - Just did a 40kwh upgrade on my 2015 2 weekends ago, went great. That does mean buying an entire wrecked car, but it really has been the best way to source packs in my experience.
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    First time EV owner

    Welcome^^ I'm located in Minneapolis and have a decent bit of experience with aftermarket improvements on the Leaf. (Battery swaps, battery health evals, battery pack heaters, aero mods, remote monitoring and control alternative to Nissan Connect) So feel free to contact me direct with any...
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    2017 Leaf S - My first EV

    This guy's walks through how to tell if you've got the firmware update. Letter C at the end of the battery PN reported in Leafspy. As for the dealer, Idk if you even can go direct. But I've heard of people locally advising to go to a dealer on the opposite end of town vs the other. So...
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    2017 Leaf S - My first EV

    I imagine this battery would work quite well for 9 months of the year for quite some time yet and give you trouble the other 3.
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    2017 Leaf S - My first EV

    Yep, pretty sure it is now eligible. Might have a fight on your hands over it but recently I've been hearing more success stories on the warranty front. People talk about the dealer holding the car for months on end while they wait for evaluation of the case from headquarters, only to be...
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    2017 Leaf S - My first EV

    Did the turtle indicator show up suddenly before the battery was really low? Or did it just run down faster than expected? I assume this happened in February? In the cold the weaker cells in the pack will be unable to give adequate power under load and trip the turtle. In this scenario it will...
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    2017 Leaf S - My first EV

    This one should be just about to lose its 9th bar and become an 8 bar.
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    Battery swap mistake help sought

    @RoystonP 2. Mmmm not really, the CAN signal wires in the car need to be cut and connected to the CAN bridge's CAN signal wires. It isn't that bad, there's pretty clear instruction out there (and in the link above) 3. You do not need...
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    Now I'm getting nervous...

    @gozer I'm working on my 2nd Leaf battery upgrade right now. Big fan of the Leaf for it's accessibility and affordability these days, but if I were in your position I'd be looking for a high mileage 2020/2021 Tesla Model 3.. their batteries are just sooooo much more reliable. They do have a...
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    California needs to charge electric vehicles during day, not night, to save grid, study says Check out the grid status in real time periodically and make your own assessments. They already have quite a bit of excess solar during the day on a regular basis. The demand curve everywhere changes seasonally but less so in California...
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    Nissan Leaf 2015 touch screen problems

    Which year Leaf and where are you located? I have the whole infotainment system available from 2 scrap cars if you're interested in an OEM replacement; 2015 and 2020.
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    Modules and instructions for upgrading battery from 24-40 kwh?

    I have just purchased a 2020 Leaf with a 40kwh pack at 90% SoH from I won the auction with a $2500 bid, various fees totaled ~$1350, and transport from Omaha to Minneapolis another $575. So that's $4400. Factor in that I can sell the pack in my Leaf for at least $2k, more if I...
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    Battery Degradation on 2014 Leaf

    I have a 2015 in Minneapolis. The SoH had been holding up great until right around there (~79%), then dropped 4% in the last year. I have 6 modules that are clearly weaker than the others. This really changed how I feel about the Leaf batteries.. especially after seeing so many posts of weak...
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    Realistic odds of upgrading 2015 24kWh battery pack?

    Would you be willing to share your source for that new pack? I've done 1 battery swap and am looking to do another but sourcing good packs in MN is a bear. I see about 1 salvage auction within 200 miles every other month.