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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    Let’s face it. The federal gas tax hasn’t been raised in over 30 years. State gas taxes likewise haven’t kept up with inflation. Nobody is paying enough to cover the cost of road maintenance. Mass transit in much of the US is horribly uneconomic based on ridership. There are no easy answers but...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    Yes and they drive on less travelled roads, so the cost per vehicle-mile is dramatically higher. Who wrote the press release?
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    What a complicated mess! You have to step back and say “what are we trying to accomplish and what is politically possible?” Currently we have a gas tax on ICE’s that hasn’t been raised in thirty years plus we pay tolls on some roads so that is double dipping. When States hit EVs with high fees...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    You both are wrong. legislative bodies pass laws that may include regulations both normally give guidelines to executive agencies who promulgate more detailed rules. Some executive branches members, notably the President can submit legislation, but not most. The courts decide if the executive...
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    traction battery drawing 1.5kw at 70mph while in neutral, less at slower speeds

    Could it be some transitory aux load for battery cool down? You need to find a long hill to coast on to see if it truly is speed or time related.
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    Things You REALLY Need to Know When Shopping for a Used Leaf

    I’m thinking of getting an older used leaf in Houston as a second car and only driving it six months November through April, then storing it in the summer. As long as I don’t drive it when the temp is over 85 or so I should be okay - right?
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    Long Term Leaf Storage

    I don’t know whether to start a new thread, but I’m thinking of buying a used leaf with 45+ miles of range as a second car that we’d use 6 months a year and let it sit 6 months. Good idea? I tried to talk my 93 yr old MIL into buying one for $2500. Now I can’t find one at that price.
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    Long Term Leaf Storage

    Why not leave the vehicle plugged in with a timer so that it can charge as needed for 15 minutes a day?. I am assuming it will only charge if it is below the 50-75% set point you pick.