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  1. J

    Leaf suspension mods from Juke?

    Would you please provide a link to the manufacture you bought the rear sway bar from? Thank you.
  2. J

    Back Up Power

    Our home has Enphase solar and two of the latest batteries for backup. The batteries cost was substantial and only gives us 20 hours of electricity. When I saw that Enphase was going to have a bidirectional charger that works with the LEAF, I bought a 2021 SL Plus 62kW. Four to five days backup...
  3. J

    Has any one try this Grizzl-E Level 2 240V / 40A Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger ?

    Yes. I have the Grizl-E charger you asked about. I have it set for 32 amps. Very pleased with this charger. Excellent build quality and reasonable price.
  4. J

    Sold our 2020 LEAF SV.

    The LEAF has a place in the EV market. Too bad Nissan is giving up on the car. As a new car, I think it is expensive. As a used car with the now available 4k tax credit, it has merit. I bought a CPO 2021 SL Plus a few months ago. After the credit, I paid 20k for the car. That is attractive...
  5. J

    Any V2G or V2H charger available yet for US?

    Here is information on what Enphase is doing for bidirectional charging. This is link to a YouTube video talking about the upcoming, Enphase bidirectional charging system. When I...
  6. J

    New to LEAF owner

    Greetings everyone. Purchased my first Nissan product. CPO, 2021 LEAF SL Plus. Great compact EV, so far. Looking forward to learning about my new to me vehicle on this forum.