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    OEM Wheel Weight

    Actually, $185 for a set of four aftermarkets (UVS3000*) on the Titan TPMS site or about $310 for OEM. Still a lot of money but not bad for piece of mind and a helpful reminder of when I'm losing valuable miles per kW. *Updated on 4/5/18: As it turns out, the UVS3000 is not an OEM-equivalent...
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    OEM Wheel Weight

    Thanks alozzy for the info! The wheel I settled on is the American Racing AR95T Estrella, p/n AR956717. The place I bought them from said they weigh 20 lbs so that's pretty darn close and with a load rating of 1400 lbs, they should be fine on a little Leaf. Now I just need to pick up a set of...
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    OEM Wheel Weight

    Greetings Forum members! I have a 2017 Leaf S and this is my first post. I currently have winter "snow" tires mounted on the 16" OEM wheels and am looking to purchase a second set of wheels upon which to mount my summer tires. In addition to looks, one of the things I'm considering in my...