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  1. Nubo

    Key Fob Weirdness

    If the spare works then a good test would be to test that known good battery in the problem fob.
  2. Nubo

    Key Fob Weirdness

    The extra thickness of 2032 cells can be problematic. Some owners have had it cause fob issues in the past. If the fob were designed for that thickness they'd spec 2032. It's not like they specified an undersized battery for the lulz. Actual battery dimensions can differ from the spec so YMMV.
  3. Nubo

    Air conditioning works but won't run

    Could be as simple as dirty connection on the sensor harness plug. The evaporator is a wet environment. Not sure if it's possible to reach the connector without removing the evaporator but if it is, simply unplugging and re-plugging the harness connector multiple times might improve things.
  4. Nubo

    How often do you drive without ECO?

    "ECO" has little to do with vehicle economy except perhaps as a psychological factor. Fortunately it is useful in another way. Unlike some folks I much prefer the throttle mapping in ECO; it's much easier to drive smoothly in traffic. The increased "pedal resolution" allows finer speed control...
  5. Nubo

    My leaf is thrumming

    Since the problem only seems to occur under torque, rotating tires front-to-back could help reveal whether it's a tire issue.
  6. Nubo

    Corroded Pin on Charger Plug -- need replacement

    Wow, that's gnarly. Is your receptacle outdoors? Not only replace the adapter, but get a new high-quality receptacle too* and make sure the wiring to the receptacle doesn't show signs of overheating (burned or brittle insulation). If so you may need to trim it back or even replace the wiring...
  7. Nubo

    How To: Reduction Gear Oil Change

    Redline D6 got a "very impressive" from "Project Farm"
  8. Nubo

    New User needs help deciphering Leafspy report (orange car w "!" alert)

    How old is the 12V? Although the low resting voltage can indicate a weak battery, a "good" reading can also be misleading. I.e., a dying battery may register sufficient resting voltage and then fall flat when a load is applied. A more conclusive test is a "load test". You can purchase such...
  9. Nubo

    downhill charging, overcharging?

    Don't worry, you can't overcharge the battery past 100%. While leaving the battery at 100% isn't recommended for long intervals (days, weeks) if you're looking to maximize longevity, it really isn't much of a problem for a short period. And since you'd soon be draining down from 100% once you...
  10. Nubo

    First Take: Nissan keeps 85% of EV Tax Credit Via Lease

    That's not what I got -- the main point seems to be LEAF losing its eligibility for the credit altogether, and Nissan lowering leasing cost to compensate. Am I seeing the wrong story or am I missing something?
  11. Nubo

    How To: Reduction Gear Oil Change

    Crush washers
  12. Nubo

    When does cell balancing happen?

    Part of the picture, I think, is "when is balancing most effective?" Differences between cells are much more pronounced at both the top and bottom ends of SOC. Thus, top-balancing would be more effective, even if some form of balancing is done at lower SOCs. Bottom-balancing, I think, is a...
  13. Nubo

    Reduction Gear Oil Change - Benefits for Range

    If you start at page 22 you should see most of the conclusions.
  14. Nubo

    Low efficiency - What could it be?

    Agreed, it's not unreasonable to suspect that the moving brake parts are a bit arthritic at 12 years if there hasn't been any brake maintenance done (cleaning and lubrication). Also, replacing the reduction gear oil will likely be beneficial if it's never been changed...
  15. Nubo

    2011 Leaf - Sometimes won't start. Violent kickback on brake pedal. OBD DTC Adaptor error code?

    At 6 bars I think you're looking at End of Life for that battery pack. What kind of histogram are you seeing for module voltages?
  16. Nubo

    How Tesla Opening Its Supercharger Network Alters the EV Charging Map

    I don't see it getting much past 20% of the Tesla network. Just enough to placate lawmakers and give non-Tesla drivers a taste of the good life.
  17. Nubo

    Back window washer won't spray?

    I've had this happen twice, first time was from the washer pump inlet becoming clogged. I suspect this second round is from the same problem but I've yet to take it apart again. Getting to the reservoir/pump to clean the inlet requires removal of the front bumper. Root cause: I made the...
  18. Nubo

    Want to borrow seat upholstery covers for 2017 Leaf

    I can say that the seat covers I had for leased 2012, I am also able to use in our 2015. There were some minor changes around the base of the seat, iirc but nothing to make them unuseable. But are you talking about re-upholstering your seats?
  19. Nubo

    Gary Giddings

  20. Nubo

    12v battery replacement recommendations?

    Good to know; thanks!