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    1.gen 2012 Leaf ZE0 - No heat, no DTCs and heater fluid temperature sensor malfunction.

    Could easily be a variant of the issue I had in, just throwing different error codes. Replacing the pump is a relatively low-cost piece of troubleshooting:)
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    B2794 HVAC Heater Pump HAC-114 - no heat 2012 Leaf - Resolved!

    Good to be able to help! Which of the swearing bits helped the most?
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    $700+ OUCH - Parking brake actuator

    SO, to sum up, is there any kind of preventative maintenance that can be done to these assemblies before they die? Mine works for the time being, and i'd like to keep it that way before things seize up...
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    Water Pump 1 failure on 2012

    I can confirm the pumps are all the same, even if they may have different brackets and part numbers. I replaced the one in the front left fender by accident, since I couldn't find the heater pump I was looking for, so now I have a pump from a 2016 e-nv200 in the front left fender, and the pump...
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    Preventive maintenance to avoid parking brake failure (2012)

    It does have electric parking brake (discontinued in the 2013 upgrades), but unlike most other cars with electric handbrakes, the motor is not located on the caliper, but rather somewhere around the center tunnel, leading to the fantastic combination of both having an electric motor AND cables...
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    Preventive maintenance to avoid parking brake failure (2012)

    Hi! My 2012 is getting on in years, but for the moment, everything actually works as expected (knock on wood). However, i'm just dreading that the electric parking brake goes bad one day. Is there any kind of preventive maintenance that can be done to avoid whatever normally goes wrong? i've...
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    2012 heater doesn’t blow air on the windshield in Auto?

    Hi! Just managed to get the heating back in my 2012, but i’m now realizing that Auto only directs the hot air in the footwells, meaning that the windows fog up. Any way of changing this behavior? I’d like for the climate control to be in Auto, since it dials down the power consumption of the PTC...
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    B2794 HVAC Heater Pump HAC-114 - no heat 2012 Leaf - Resolved!

    Possibly, but the Ultima isn’t available in my market, so would be silly money from Nissan imported new :) the pump I got was from a wrecked 2018 e-nv200 with 29k km on the odo, so has many spins left in it :)
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    B2794 HVAC Heater Pump HAC-114 - no heat 2012 Leaf - Resolved!

    Hi all! I have read several threads relating to failures of the two other water pumps in the ZE0 Leaf, but very little relating to the error above, so I thought i'd write it down here for the next person to find. I had the above-mentioned error on my 2012 Leaf, showed up around a year ago, but...