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    Turn your battery terminal into a quick disconnect

    IDK what everyone is on about with keeping a car battery charging at 14V, gas cars don't turn off their alternators when the battery is full, they just run at 14-15v all the time, and once the battery is full, it stops taking a charge. You don't need to do anything. Traditional cars and their...
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    Add a spare tire!

    I change a tire every year or two, lots of nails and other stabby junk on the highways around Texas.
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    EVConnect "Connected Services" option disappears

    Yep, it's gone for my 2013. Nissan Connect support said no new registrations after June 1st (at least for the 2013 model year, not sure about others)
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    Mobile operators to shut down 3G networks in 2022

    After doing a TON of research on this for my 2013 leaf SV, it appears that the newest part, superseding the older ones is 283B0-3NF2B, the FCC ID on this (from looking up other parts with the same lookup code - 283B0P) is N7NSL8080, this contains the Sierra wireless SL8080 modem, which supports...