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    Will I be able to use Leaf Spy Pro to...

    The Lite(loose?) version is not available to me. So $20 I paid because I am extremely interested in electronics and utilizing renewable energy in practical applications. I will be purchasing cheap used Leaf and investigating charging batteries via solar cells.
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    To buy or not

    Ran Leaf Spy today. Trying to decide… is it worth $1400. I only need 40-50 mile range. Hasn’t been charged in several mos. I did top off the 12v a week ago. Gonna try 120v charger Friday. Please see attached screenshots.
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    Introduce myself

    Thank you Sir. Sage advice. Since only just learning about this Leaf thing I am understandably excited. I will try to hold off for the newer iteration.
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    Will I be able to use Leaf Spy Pro to...

    to evaluate the condition of the battery as long as the 12V under hood battery is charged. History: the car was hit on the left front and "after that it won't charge" according to the owner. I looked at the car for about 10 minutes. Initially the inside lights and dash lights came on and...
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    Introduce myself

    Looking at buying a 2012 Leaf. Experienced electronics tech. Old school, ELI the ICE man, Eddie Currents... etc... 15 yrs as Etech before 20 yrs as a programmer then retirement 6yrs ago. So know enough to be dangerous. Reading here and internet on Leaf related for several days now. Used Gen 1...