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    Mod the Regen?

    I don't think you'll get much of any regen at that SOH regardless. The module still obeys LB_PIN which may actually be pegged at 0 for you at higher speed. A pre-lizard battery at <60% SOH is basically EOL. I bet you're also not getting a full charge anymore at this point? Like, if you look at...
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    Feature requests/input for MUXSAN 45kWh replacement LEAF battery

    The new battery isn't rated for that, the manufacturer's maximum rated draw is 96.6kW (continuous), 131kW (60s) and 180kW (peak, 10s). I'd be a bit hesitant to run a 160kW inverter from a 45kWh battery. It's fine if all you do is off-the-line acceleration. Though be warned that the main battery...
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    2011 Motor power is limited

    With this set of symptoms, it's definitely a dead main battery, plus potentially more HV system issues. Only if you can get it dirt cheap and have a cheap replacement battery ready.
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    DTC info

    Switch to the voltage histogram and make some screenshots under heavy load and heavy regen. If there's a weak cell, you'll be able to spot that real easy.
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    So how much battery will I eat with a junk trailer?

    This fun trip took 393Wh/km at 80km/h. Only about 160km to go with a range-extended (40+23kWh) van and still needed to charge. Also pretty important: you wont just have more drag, the battery also can't access the last bit of charge efficiently. And in this case: the motor is also pretty darn...
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    Mod the Regen?

    I've got a CAN bridge solution for increased regen, but it's surprisingly more involved than you'd think. You need to integrate a CAN bridge directly at the VCM CAN lines and modify the motor torque messages when regenning. However, the VCM still needs to receive its expected motor torque messages.
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    Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

    A splitter isn't going to help, as a technical term a splitter is specifically a downforce instrument - an inverted wing at the front to push the front wheels harder into the ground. It's going to add rolling resistance and induced drag, so definitely a net negative on range. An air dam is a...
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    Feature requests/input for MUXSAN 45kWh replacement LEAF battery

    No, it's not necessary and not compulsory for installation - the pack can be installed like a regular Leaf pack. It will still actively circulate air within the pack to ensure even degradation and maximum passive heat exchange through the shell. I don't think I have to say what the advantages...
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    Feature requests/input for MUXSAN 45kWh replacement LEAF battery

    Well yes, there will be a heat exchanger that can be tied into the A/C system. It's not a heat pipe, rather just a branch off the existing piping that drops into the pack. A sealed battery pack without any dedicated way of deliberately moving heat into/out of the pack is never a good idea...
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    Can’ put in drive,reverse or neutral my Nissan leaf 2018

    So even when manually engaging or disengaging the charge lock, it still refuses to drive and shows the charging port engaged? The car is entirely immobilized? Then the lock's feedback line or resistor is broken. That requires either replacing the entire lock or opening it up and...
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    Actual Range 2016 Leaf

    The charge light comes on when exactly 4kWh is remaining in the battery. That should get you around 20km in most conditions, so yes - you still have 20 km left. I wouldn't cut it too close, though.
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    what's the oldest LEAF to buy for latest battery tech?

    Going by Nissan terminology, there are four ways of differentiating generations: - By model year, pretty useless - By Nissan generation. Gen1 is the 24kWh with white interior and charger in the boot, gen2 is the later 24kWh, gen3 is 30kWh, gen4 is the 40kWh right after facelift (110kW motor)...
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    Max Discharge Current from 62kwh Pack

    I'm not at liberty to share that :)
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    Can’ put in drive,reverse or neutral my Nissan leaf 2018

    Your charging lock is defective or the cable is damaged/unclipped. Annoyingly that will immobilize your car. The lock sits on top of your charging port, and if you open your hood, there is a little square cutout in the plastic trim over the charging port that allows you to peek in and see the...
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    2018 leaf, not seen this problem on internet

    A million different weird errors that don't seem to correlate with each other is almost always the 12V battery, another vote for that pile!
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    Battery swap mistake help sought

    We'd be happy to help, but don't have CAN bridges in stock at the moment. Later this week we'll likely have enough and can ship it out. Send us an email at [email protected]
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    Max Discharge Current from 62kwh Pack

    It's not one number, because it depends on SoC and temperature. The peak discharge rating of the individual cells is 3C between 10-60C for 1 minute. Given that the pack is nominally 180Ah, that's 540A.
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    General PSA: Isolation faults in 40kWh packs

    In short, we've been seeing this many times over the years, and we have a theory on what the root cause is of isolation faults in 40kWh packs. It's this: What you're seeing here is a 40kWh battery module, shell off. All of the cells except for the 4th from the right look fine, and the 4th...
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    100 kW Charging

    Lots of uncertainty in this topic, since I've been toying with the CDM 2.0 hardware for a bit, here's some general facts: - The e-plus ships, as far as we can tell on all firmware versions available in the Netherlands, with a 200A current limit on CHAdeMO. This means the maximum technically...
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    Nissan Leaf 2015 touch screen problems

    You almost certainly have the wrong screen type, we made that mistake too. This is the correct one: You can triple-check with the Clarion model number on your particular radio. If you...