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    Tesla Cybertruck

    The Cybertruck is badass. I was going to get a Model Y and Replace my RAV4 EV, now I think the Cybertruck is a better choice. A lot of people think it’s funny looking but trucks as we know them now are terribley ugly designs being just rectangular shaped things. I’m cool to upgrade to Tesla’s...
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    Toyota and Subaru Agree to Jointly Develop BEV-dedicated Platform and BEV SUV

    Woopie, excuse me while I yawn. I wont hold my breath for these 2 losers to built an EV. They problly forget to add quickcharging like the rav4 ev. 2 companies who consistently trash talk EV's and say lithium batteries are not ready for prime time are now collaberating. It's about time these...
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    Tesla's autopilot, on the road

    @Evoforce, what you are saying makes sense. I’ll trust firsthand experience with autopilot providing lane keep assist, lane changes and auto breaking. In fact I upgraded to full self driving recently so I can get a better computer vision computer in my Tesla. I put my money where by beliefs...
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    Tesla's autopilot, on the road

    @GRA, you have to be the biggest troll in the history of this site. You have all these nonsensical opinions about everything. I've owned 4 electric cars. How many have you owned or leased? What's that silence? You've never even had an electric car. Your opinions are based on your own...
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    Carlos Ghosn ousted over financial misconduct

    This all seems a bit contrived. More than likelly he didn’t do all this illegal accounting and compensation on his own. I’m glad they are also fingering Nissan corporate as well because he doesn’t get compensated without board approval unless that’s what the problem is. I’m a big Carlos Ghosn...
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    Hydrogen and FCEVs discussion thread

    I'm pretty disappointed by the massive financial resources states like California are wasting on FCEV Hydrogen filling stations. In California we had 244,963 plug in cars and a little over 1082 Fuel cell cars sold by the end of 2016. And remember carmakers told us in the 1990's we didn't need...
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    LEAF 2 : What we know so far (2018 or later?)

    So we already know that a cheap Leaf with a 30kWh pack is not a big seller. Almost every manufacturer has a limited range Leaf competitor and they are not selling in great numbers. CARB is doing the right thing to incentivize long range EV's with fast charge times wich is what I and others who...
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    LEAF 2 : What we know so far (2018 or later?)

    +1 10kw is the minimum. I've used my 10kw charger on the RAV4 EV to charge at RV parks. Very helpful.
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    52 mile round trip commute possible/practical on '13-'14 SV

    Yes, possible. Nope, not practical. I would not recommend a 52 mile commute with a 24kWh pack used Leaf to anyone. You could likely do it if your pack is like new, but it won't be fun and you'll be white knuckle driving the whole way especially in the winter. I did a 100 mile daily commute...
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    2016-2017 model year 30 kWh bar losers and capacity losses

    Dang, sorry to hear about this. I would be at the dealer right away complaining up a storm. You should not have lost a capacity bar, I'd guess either the instrumentation is off (try some full charges as Leftie Biker recommended) or you have some cell issues. It took me 46,000 miles and 3 years...
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    LEAF 2 : What we know so far (2018 or later?)

    @ LeftieBiker. Not wanting to call anyone out in particular, read page 80 :) . 24/30/40 kWH is not enough range for mass EV adoption. I have a 46 kWh battery in my Rav 4 and it is not even good for 100 miles in the winter at freeway speeds. I agree it is not good news if true that the new...
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    LEAF 2 : What we know so far (2018 or later?)

    I'll plus one here and say, NOBODY CARES if you have a 24, 30 or even a 40 kWh battery pack in your EV and it works great for you (edited to include 40 kWh pack fans in my rant as I currently have 40+ kWh pack in my Rav 4 and it is painfully not enough range and I can't even use the heater when...
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    LEAF 2 : What we know so far (2018 or later?)

    @ Tony A Model 3 with 75 kWh and AWD for me... as long as it's around $50k. However, a cool Nissan Leaf 2.0 with a 250 mile range could get me to reconsider as they were first to market with an EV in 2011 when most other auto manufacturers said it was impossible to produce an affordable EV...
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    LEAF 2 : What we know so far (2018 or later?)

    :P Well if you say I'll be happy, I'll wait. Let's see what you're working on Nissan people. Nissan z style leaf headlights, 300 mile range, and style. Don't let me down again on the style and range Nissan.
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    Nissan at 2017 North American International Auto Show

    I think they were planning to show off the 2018 Leaf, however, it sounds as though it's not ready. Maybe they decided to add liquid battery cooling which is causing a delay or they want to wait until they start production of the new Leaf to announce it.
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    2014 nissan leaf S for $6,999

    Amazing deal. I bought my 2011 Leaf for $38,000 new in 2011. Traded it in to the dealer with 45,000 miles in 2014 for $10,500 cash. 11 capacity bars. I can't believe you could pick up a Leaf for this cheap. Amazing and definately worth it if you have a short commute. Make sure it has a...
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    First DC Station capable of charging at a rate of up to 350 kW, operational by 6/17?

    I'll buy an upgrade for my JdeMO. The current version you installed on my car works exceptionally well and of course, faster is always welcomed. Thanks for making my Rav4 great again! For the 350 KWH charger, it is a welcome good sign of progress. I'm impressed with the Fast Charger rollout...
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    Tesla's autopilot, on the road

    Big Tesla fan here... However, I don't trust auto pilot one bit to not kill me if I take my eyes off the road. I think calling it autopilot is a huge mistake. They are safety features. You would have to be a fool to rely on autopilot to save you after the system didn't prevent a driver from...
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    BMW, Volkswagen and ChargePoint complete EV express charging corridors on the East and West Coasts

    Looking at the stretch between Ashland in Southern Oregon and Sacramento in California, along I5, they did a good job filling the DC/CSS gap. However, from the original press release pre rollout, they had planned to put in dual CSS and CHAdeMO units if there were no CHAdeMO. They did not...
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    Chevrolet Bolt & Bolt EUV and both list the bolt 238 mile range. This is badass. I'm rethinking my model 3 deposit. Do LG cells catch fire as easy as the Tesla Panasonic cells? The Tesla cells are prone to fire, however, I've never heard of a Volt or Spark getting in an...