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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I got sick and tired of constant trouble with ICE cars and bought a low mileage 2018 Leaf 2.5 years ago and it's been in the shop for nothing but annual inspections and one software update. 😁
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    Key Fob Weirdness

    The OEM battery is old timey lead acid but "weirdly narrow" because it doesn't need to power a starter motor like in an ICE car so a smaller one is enough.
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    Miss leading headline of the year goes to:

    Did you know that EVs cost more to drive than gas cars because filling up an electric Hummer at the most expensive public charger there is costs more than filling up a Nissan Micra? :rolleyes:
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    Working perfectly and then nothing !

    Ditto about the 12 V battery. I'm no mechanic and I didn't even stay at the Holiday Inn Express last night, but if it's totally dead, wouldn't that mean the 12 V is dead because if it weren't, at least something like locks and lights would be still working?
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    Do I need to keep my key in a coffee can and arrange an armored pocket?

    Some keyless entry systems are broadcasting all the time and thieves can wardrive for the signals. In a Leaf, both the car and the fob are only listening except for the moment when you press the button on the door or the fob, which makes anybody grabbing the signal much less likely. BTW, there's...
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    Motorola MA1

    Has anyone here tried it yet?
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    New Nissan Logo - LEAF badge

    Both these 3D printing companies have a variety of materials available:
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    How long till a thermal battery management mod?

    It would be interesting to see where they would put the radiator. Their video didn't show or tell.
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    How long till a thermal battery management mod?

    Adding all the plumbing needed to a Leaf does not seem feasible.
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    V2H through ChadeMo port

    See, that's why it would be so much nicer to have basically an extension cord with an inverter brick on it. But since Chad will soon be extinct, oh well...
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    V2H through ChadeMo port

    I'd be interested in a less ambitious "discharger" that wouldn't power the whole home but could just keep the fridge running in a power outage, but I guess that doesn't exist either and never will (except some overpriced iffy Alibaba junk), despite CHAdeMO's bidirectional abilities.
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    My Setec CHAdeMO Vehicle-to-Home Mods

    If you take the car to a Nissan dealer for service and when they plug in their scanners, they see that current has been flowing in the "wrong" direction? Dunno if they do that, but it seems technically possible.
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    My Setec CHAdeMO Vehicle-to-Home Mods

    Nissan doesn't void the battery warranty if you do that...?
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    Roof Rack

    I'm looking for a roof rack for only occasionally hauling some stuff from Home Depot that's light but too long to fit inside, so I'd prefer one that's easy to attach only when needed and then take off. There don't seem to be any good options. Has anyone tried something like this with a Leaf...
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    I put a 12 watt booster on my VPS speaker... is it wrong to laugh?

    There are phone apps like "XLR8" that can generate different engine sounds using the phone accelerometer to change the sound according to what you're doing. Install that, wire your phone to the speaker (or even stuff a dedicated cheapo phone under the hood) and you're set. Disclaimer: I haven't...
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    Looking for nice seat and steering wheel covers for a 2018 SL

    I've only seen the clunky universal steering wheel covers and the leather ones that you have to stitch over the wheel. Anybody know of something between those, a slip-on cover that's made to fit around the spokes and lumps of the 2018-2022 Leaf steering wheel? Does that type even exist? Seat...