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    Michelin Energy Saver A/S

    We live up on something of a hill...elevation change only 300 feet or so over 0.7 miles. But chunks of it are 14% grade...really gets my attention at the end of a bike ride. And we're west of Portland OR. So we rarely get dry, puffy snow...what we gets is wet, heavy snow that packs down to...
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    Michelin Energy Saver A/S

    And your Michies are the Energy Savers? If so, how is the "energy saving" aspect for them?
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    Michelin Energy Saver A/S

    The factory Ecopias that came on our 21 S Plus are shot. We’re running Blizzaks until spring, but will need to get new summer rubber then. Since Costco does seasonal tire swaps cheaply for tires they’ve sold, inclined to go with something they sell. They carry Ecopias, Turanza Quiettracks...
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    Dealer for Warranty Work Portland Oregon Area

    We've had good luck wth Beaverton Nissan thus far, not sure you'll find another dealer with more LEAF saavy elsewhere in the metro area. --Richard
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    Will software update bring 4-bar 2016 SL capacity over 8 bars?

    Seller syas it's good for 90-102 miles on full charge. For a '16 with 60K miles, that seems pretty good. EPA rating when new was 107 this sounds like a 11-12 bar vehicle without the BMS update. --Richard
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    iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

    I have a '21 LEAF with a BT OBDII and LeafSpy Pro. Works great. Am going to go scout a '16 LEAF. Have a second OBDII that I'll plug into it to get info. This car may wind up coming home. Here's my question: what does LeafSpy do when confronted with a second vehicle, as described above? If...
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    Will software update bring 4-bar 2016 SL capacity over 8 bars?

    So pardon me if I am being overly slow here. I'm going to look at (and plug an OBDII dongle into) a 2016 SV, 30kwh battery on Saturday. Currently shows 9 bars, but may or may not have had the SW update applied. In this thread, it's been said that that if the EV Battery property ends in an...
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    Does a salvage title void a LEAF's traction battery warranty?

    I believe the answer is "yes". There's a 2017 SL wth 30kwh battery, 49K miles, 10 bars locally. The seller is asking $11K, say the damage was rear end collision requiring a fair amount of rear end body work. If the battery warranty would still hold, I'd seriously consider this beast...once...
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    LED headlights upgrade worth?

    I'd asume these would be the same as would fit a '21 S Plus? Which bulbs did you get, and about how spendy are they? I am also in the PDX the headlights get some real usage, especially in the winter. --Richard
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    Gen II light weight wheels and tires

    The I-5 corridor up through Washington has (like most interstate highways), marked mileposts. Those can be off a smidge within a given mile, but over a distance are quite reliable. I plotted the route on Google maps, and it gave me a value that agreed exactly with the milepost delta for the...
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    Gen II light weight wheels and tires

    FWIW, I did a longish "ugly weather" test drive i my S+ a month or so back. What I found with the S+ was that the speedometer over-reported speed by about 5%, and that the odometer over-reported distance by 3%. This was just over 120 miles each direction, results were consistent both ways...
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    Is it safe to charge a LEAF at any Tesla Destination EVSE?

    It's on the way. Many of the "destinations" here that have TD EVSE also have a j1772....but it's not uncommon for the TDs to outnumber the j1772s at a given spot. I'm in Oregon...a lot of wineries have free charging, and many only have TDs. They don't care if you're driving a Tesla, so long...
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    Is it safe to charge a LEAF at any Tesla Destination EVSE?

    I'm planning on picking up one of these: It's my understanding that the LEAF will only accept what it can handle at the j1772, so using a TD EVSE with the adapter should just work, irrespective of the amperage/kW of the EVSE. True/false...
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    2021 Plus SOC, charging behavior clarifications?

    Have now had our '21 Plus since June, and love the car. With the onset of PNW winter driving (getting to use lights, wipers, defog, and running winter tires), range has predictably shrunk. As a retired engineer, I am still trying to wrestle down what the battery SOC numbers on the dash mean...
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    New (since June) S Plus owner. MyNISSAN app question.

    Because my Honda Ridgeline got clobbered while parked back in April, after a month of renting, I ran the numbers and bought a new 2021 S Plus. This doesn't have the hardware for remote connect. That's sad, but I can manage. The thing that seems odd is that the iOS MyNISSAN app seems to have...
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    Record of Electrical Use While Charging

    Not the cheapest way to go, but we got a Wallbox, which tracks the juice used. As a bonus, it has a interface that you can work with over the network (or locally via Bluetooth) to start/stop charges...their phone app uses basically the same interface. Some clever person wrote a Python library...