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    100 kW Charging

    ram, please, the rate is 66 kW, NOT kW/h. kW/h is meaningless, kW is itself the rate. In your example of 49.6 kWh / 0.75 h the 'h' cancels out leaving only kW. (Apologies, I belatedly see that cwerdna has already tried to correct the misunderstanding.)
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    Now I'm getting nervous...

    Lowes. Home Depot. Ace. Your local independent hardware store.
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    2023 Leaf battery question

    I don't have any inside knowledge, but one possibility is that the BMS was 'tweaked' to add a bit of unused capacity at either the top or bottom so as to extend the life of the usable range?
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    Same here, my monthly electric bill shows an inaccurate breakdown of usage. My utility has interested customers fill out a form to get information about the house that feeds into algorithms, as cornbinder described, to estimate a breakdown of usage among major electricity-using items. I...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    This. It's just as simple to implement as the flat fee but is related to actual road use and thus more 'fair' even though not perfectly so. It can, and should, be applied to all vehicles regardless of fuel type (which should correspondingly reduce the daily price of the other fuels to the...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    In Missouri safety inspections are not required until a car is more than 10 years old or has traveled more than 150,000 miles. There is an option for biennial registration, which I select. So, my 2013 Leaf will have its first safety inspection when I renew the registration next year in 2025...
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    Tesla's autopilot, on the road

    I agree. And in two previous similar cases that went to trial the jury agreed also. Tesla's problem is that, despite warnings in the manual, the naming of the systems - Auto Pilot and Full Self Driving - and Musks comments about how good the systems are has many people expecting too much of...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    There is ample evidence to suggest that we do not always elect responsible people to govern. However there does not seem to be agreement on which elected people are the responsible or irresponsible ones.
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    The Missouri gas tax - "Motor Fuel Tax" in the statutes - is collected at the pump based on gallons of fuel purchased. It is not a fixed annual fee. In a strange word game, motor vehicles that do not use gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or "blended fuel" do not pay a road-use "tax". Instead they...
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    Repeated ground faults from evse

    "When a Tesla charger is plugged into the nema 50 the breaker does not trip (at least within in the 30sec or so) and the charger seems to charge a Tesla normally."
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    I agree with this in theory, but as a practical matter it would be difficult to implement retroactively. The manufacturers would have to provide the onboard metering by some deadline, and existing EVs, PHEVs, and hybrids would have to be retrofitted with the retrofits designed and installed at...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    Yes, but how to collect the data? Every car would need to be monitored to submit the data by some entity that would report the data. I suppose the owner could be the responsible entity and would report the data when renewing the registration, as with the idea of having the tax based on...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    $111 Alternate Fuel Tax here in Missouri, applies to any vehicle fuel other than gasoline or diesel. Been going up a few dollars every year. Payable annually in January, separate from the registration fee. I agree with those who think the most appropriate alternative would be a tax based on...
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    TSLA corporate outlook

    No Tesla adds on YouTube, but I have been getting regular e-mails offering to carry over my free supercharging and/or my FSD and/or no charge for optional paint color if I buy a new Tesla by March 31. Tesla must be pushing hard to meet sales expectations for the quarter.
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    YES! Park so you can pull forward out of a parking space, not back out.
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I bought a used 2013 Leaf SL in 2015. 13,300 miles, $16,000 dollars. Added the Nissan backup camera and discount-auto LED daytime running lights in 2016 myself. Did the 2G-3G telematics update in 2017 for $200. Replaced the tires in 2018 for $950. Replaced the 12-volt battery in 2019 for...
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    I don't think Tesla is likely to "restrict to Tesla's only", I think Tesla will be happy to take anyone's money, and it's the ability to get the money that's the issue. The car itself, not the driver of the car, needs to be able to tell Tesla via the NACS connection who to bill for a charge...
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    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    Wondering how something that's dead can be growing? Please explain, thanks.
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    Is there a NACS to chadmo adapter out yet?

    Exactly. So, I ask again, can one register a Leaf with Tesla so as to be able to charge at a supercharger? If Tesla can't recognize the car, so as to be able to charge (bill) the owner for the electricity provided, the supercharger isn't going to charge the car.
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    Is there a NACS to chadmo adapter out yet?

    Is there a way to register a Leaf with Tesla so that, if one did have such an adapter, the Supercharger would recognize the Leaf?