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    My LeafSpy DTC 2013

    Thank you Gerry - I have to do the lightbulb trick but here are my codes now C118C 0109 ABS EV/HEV System BRC-126 Ok None ---> AIR BAG Ok None ---> BCM >C1A6E 0109 BRAKE EV/HEV System BR-146 >C1A70 0109 BRAKE Brake Control System BR-160 Ok None ---> CHARGER Ok None --->...
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    2014 no start - error P31E1 - interlock?

    Hello all, I am having g this error on my 2013 LEAF - I sent my scanner errors to the only mechanic in town that does EV leaf’s and he said that code is “no bueno” just in Nov 2022 I paid him 2k to replace my transaxle. Any thoughts on my errors ? C118C 0109 ABS EV/HEV System BRC-126 Ok...
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    My LeafSpy DTC 2013

    Hello all, I just search for similar issues, but still not sure how to read my LeafSpy (please see below) my 2013 Nissan leaf won’t start all the lights on the dash come on the radio works. I just checked the 12 V it says it’s 12.45 the night before I was charging at my sister’s house my nephew...
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    Leaf Turns on, Won't Start, Error lights-Help!

    Hello I realize this post is 5 years old I am having this problem - my car is a 2014 I live in Portland or Trying to connect w / Cleo82 Thank you