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    Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

    Please Post the Amazon link of the 1/4 rubber you used
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    ZE1 Wheel bearings

    I would be surprised the wheel bearings are bad at only 91000km. That would be unusual unless there were frequent of heavy loads in the rear. Or running after market wheels/spacers with excessive offset. Please post a recording. My bet is on "rusty" or gummed up brake system (caliper...
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    vredestin tires

    I have used Vredestein Quatrac (205/60r15) for 2 years now. I purchased them with main goal of improved wet traction in the pacific north west winters. They have fulfilled that goal. My first choice of tire was Vredestein Hitrac but the size i wanted was on back order from tirerack for 1...
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    Low weight rim suggestions

    Please share with us which light weight tire you'll be using on the 16x7 Rota. Also, what is the weight of one of your new Rota wheels? Do you have specific Aero covers in mind already? I would be interested in what will work with those Rota wheels. It is often less expensive to shed weight...
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    Nissan Leaf 2018 40kw - State of health nach 40000 Kilometer

    What Nissan EV app are you using? What kind of phone? How much range are you getting? The NissanConnect "EV&Services" app on my android does not tell me anything about the number of bars. I would trust the LeafSpy over your app. Your battery is in nice shape.
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    Music Skipping Constantly

    Bouska, Is one of the buttons on the steering wheel or head unit sticking (shorting out)? Did a drink get spilled on the button? I would start by cleaning the button contacts with "electronic cleaner" spray...
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    Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

    I agree with others that a splitter will not help. I do not think an air dam will help either, as the undercarriage is relatively aerodynamic. That being said, I've been contemplating air deflectors to divert air away from font tires only. The stock ones are relatively small. I'll be...
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    Low weight rim suggestions

    Thought questions...what is your goal for lighter weight wheels (range, ride quality, 0-60 time, aesthetics)? Are you only looking at aero wheels? What size are you looking for? Real questions: What is the weight of one of your EV01+ wheel? what size is it, diameter, width, offset? Does the...
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    What to do with a bricked Leaf?

    Give me 1 hr with it. I'm in the Seattle area. Direct message me and we can set up a time in the next couple weeks.
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    2022 Leaf overcharging on timed L2 charger

    I have a 2018 40kwh (36kwh usable). What is your real world range now? I cannot imagine your batter is below 30kwh capacity. I would bet it's just an issue with timer. Your numbers you describe support this. I've given up trying to hold it to 80% charge. I just let it go to 100%. I...
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    Lost FM reception after replacing cracked windshield

    Your question peaked my interest as I've considered relocating the FM antenna from the roof on my car. I found this thread with diagram showing the wiring and connection going through the right A frame near front windshield...
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    Seeking Assistance: Battery Issue with Nissan Leaf 2018

    Does LeafSpy show the same data? What is your car speed doing through this? Does it feel like regen brake comes on when the gauge shows it is? I would personally start with a "full reset" if you haven't done so yet to see if that corrects problem...
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    I have some questions

    The typical Nissan leaf driver is not interested in adding subwoofer, so there is a paucity of information here on your topic. I hope subsequent replies prove me wrong.
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    Help with driveshaft

    What are the prices of each? One of those numbers is the left cv axle. ~$100 to $500 The other number is for new lock nut. ~$2 You should use a new lock nut and pin. That is my understanding. What torque setting will you use on your lock nut?
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    Rear wheel bearing hub, help required

    Did you find it? If you haven't done so yet, I would suggest using the VIN through the Nissan Parts website. That's how I verify parts in U.S.
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    Nasty Foliage Pics of my Leaf with the 19s on it

    Looks very nice. This is one of the best looking setups Ive seen for a Leaf What are all the specs? Tire size. Wheel offset. Suspension changes. Ride height difference from stock?
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    Nissan Leaf KYB Eibach Suspension & Rota Wheels

    I want to take it for a spin. Nice mods. How much has your ride height changed ? (I use ground to center of fender opening) What downsides have you noticed?
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    Are my front motor mounts bad?

    Comparing videos, your motor movement actually seems pretty close to my 2018.
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    Are my front motor mounts bad?

    Is that movement all by somebody manually rocking the motor? If that's the case, I would personally replace the motor mounts. I hear the sound now. Its the motor torque . It seems like more movement than expected. I'll do same to my car to check
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    53kw CATL Upgrade on 2013 Leaf S

    I think nedc is one way to estimate range. kilometer km