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    Locking whilst car is on

    The purpose of my post is to establish under what conditions the 12v can be drained while the car is locked. It's not that I want to be able to lock the car while 'ON'! I simply followed this thread because it suggested it's possible to leave the car 'ON' whilst locked, but I'm not able to...
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    Locking whilst car is on

    I've just been experimenting with my Leaf following a puzzling case of flat 12v battery. It won't allow me to lock the car if it's got power on - it beeps and doesn't lock. If it's in semi-power on mode (pressing the on button without the brake) it still won't allow me to lock the car. The only...
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    Help diagnosing dead 12v (as opposed to some other problem) SOLVED

    Thanks for those excellent suggestions - I hadn't thought to use to 12 port - doh! Ideally I'd like to be able to monitor remotely but I'm not sure if LeafSpy can report while the car is OFF?
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    Help diagnosing dead 12v (as opposed to some other problem) SOLVED

    To check whether the car's 12V battery charge system is working, it's best to monitor the voltage when driving (more precisely, when the car's in READY state - not OFF, ACC (accessories) or ON (without pressing the brake pedal)). How do I monitor the 12 battery charge system while driving? Is...
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    12v Battery Suddenly Flat

    This morning my Leaf was totally dead - had to use the physical key to unlock the door, and display was black. Checked the 12v battery voltage - about 3v so very flat indeed. Less than 2 days since I'd used the car, main battery was around 50%. Car was locked so presumably nothing should have...
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    what's the oldest LEAF to buy for latest battery tech?

    I'm guessing it's difficult to be confident about battery life. I have the impression that the longevity can vary quite a bit. My Leaf is 2018 with a 40kWh battery. I bought it second-hand in 2020 and the battery was in top condition then, and still was at the recent service. The furthest I've...
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    When does turtle mode appear and how much farther can you go when it does?

    I ignore the range estimate on my 2018 Leaf - it's really not helpful. I watch the battery% instead. I know the relationship between % and miles, which varies considerably with temperature. In summer I can get 1.4 miles/% while in winter it can fall below I.0 miles/%. The range estimate doesn't...
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    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    I use a mix of 7kWh, and rapid (approx 45kWh) charging on long journeys. The battery state reported when serviced has been excellent every year. The rapid charging rate is carefully managed by the Leaf and drops to around 20kWh at 80% and under 10kWh at 90% so I think the old belief that rapid...
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    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    I can only speak for the UK. We bought our 2018 Leaf in 2020 (s/h of course) and at that time the motorway service area provider was Ecotricity. Their chargers all had Chademo and CCS connectors. Our experience of long-distance travel was very good apart from the occasional faulty charger. Then...
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    Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

    Surely we should be pressuring the charger companies to retain adequate provision for Chademo? In the UK the picture is mixed - one major network, Gridserve, has scaled back on Chademo considerably, to 1 in 4. Other providers such as Instavolt offer 50/50 CCS and Chademo. Ionity is exclusively...
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    Drafting trucks on the highway…

    If truck drivers don't like people tailgating them, I sure as hell hate them tailgating me, which happens a lot. I generally cruise at 60mph to conserve energy, and stay in the slow lane.
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    What is your Average miles per kwh?

    I don't trust the predicted range at all - it doesn't seem to take the temperature into account. I go by the battery% reading. In summer I get about 1.3 - 1.4 miles per kW, in winter it drops to around 1.0. It varies with the length of the journey and average speed. I generally cruise around 60mph.
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    How often do you drive without ECO?

    I agree totally. I like to drive carefully and ECO mode suits me perfectly so it's on the whole time. After service it tends to be left OFF and I don't like it to be so responsive!
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    How to release locked charge connector

    The provider's technical person believed it should be possible to release the connector from the car. They seemed unable to do it remotely. I tried many times ushing the connector in before pressing the trigger but it didn't work. The charger displayed an error message saying charging had...
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    How to release locked charge connector

    The manual refers to a Charge Port Unlock Screw but can't see any sign of one in the place indicated in the picture.
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    How to release locked charge connector

    This was a rapid charger ChaDeMo 50kW.
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    How to release locked charge connector

    On a recent charge the charger stopped after a few minutes. I was unable to remove the charge connector from the car. Even the provider was unable to do so. Eventaully another motorist nearby helped me but I don't know exactly what did the trick. Is there a technique for releasing the connector...
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    TPMS giving very high readings

    Thanks all - I've reset it and all is well. No idea how it came to be switched to kPa though! Maybe an interference spike?
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    TPMS giving very high readings

    The TPMS on my Leaf has started giving readings around 210 - 240 instead of the usual 32 - 38. The 210 figure is yellow so needing attention. I think the unit of measurement must have switched from psi to kPa. How do I reset this please?
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    Charging techniques

    Mostly I charge my Leaf 2.0 40kWh for 4 hrs (cheap night tariff) at the 7kW rate, often to 100% depending on the starting SOC. My understanding is that going to 100% at the slow rate is OK. When using rapid chargers on long journeys I generally go to 80% as it reduces charging time even if you...