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    Tesla real-world efficiency?

    My long term average as shown on the center console of my 2011 LEAF is 4.8 miles per kWh. With a 2023 standard range Tesla Model 3, it typically uses slightly more than 200Wh per mile which is similar to the LEAF’s average. However, I am driving about 10 mph faster on the freeways with the...
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    OBC and Lithium Battery on OBC?

    Did you check if the problem with AC charging is due to a diode failure in the OBC? There are threads on this forum covering diagnosis and repair. Sorry, can’t help with the OBC/battery question.
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    2015 Leaf breaking problem: Christmas lights, ABS + Traction Control + others

    Could be the 12V battery. Check the voltage at rest and under load.
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    2012 leaf charging at Tesla super charger

    Gerry is correct regarding the Supercharger network. However, do you mean charging from a Level 2 Tesla charger? An adapter that accepts the Tesla plug that converts to a J1772 plug will work. The Leaf’s onboard charger limits the amount of power that is drawn. For the 2012, it will be either...
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    crashed(airbags deployed)2014 leaf won't charge

    Please describe the status of the 3 lights on the dash. Check that the charging timer is not set.
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    2013 stuck to public charging station Another post regard a stuck plug. WAG- could this be a low 12V battery problem or blown fuse in the car?
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    upgrade question

    That “combination” unit would need to have a relay so that if one 5-15 plug was connected and the other was not, it would not energize the other plug. If it could, it would be unsafe.
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    Gary Giddings

    Gary Giddings passed away today. Known as GaryGid, he was active on this forum starting before the LEAF was available, encouraging the adoption of EVs, founding a still active EV meeting group in Orange County, CA, and using his technical skills to understand and report on the behavior of the...
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    2011 Leaf charging upgrade

    I may be selling a Brusa with its mounting plate and the LeafDD controller. My 2011 was involved in a collision a couple of days ago and will probably be totaled. I will post information after disposal of the car is decided.
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    J-1772 Plug/Nozzle not going in

    There is a rubber O-ring deep inside the Jplug that can become out of place. Another possibility is the latch on the Jplug may not be opening.
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    An EVSE with no relays

    Yes, it violates the J1772 protocol and can be unsafe.
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    connecting EVSE to dryer outlet ?

    Correct. For a 240V circuit, an EVSE uses Ground and two powered lines. The linked adapters should be fine.
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    Momentary Braking Loss

    That rules out the battery’s condition limiting regeneration.
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    Momentary Braking Loss

    What was the traction battery’s State of Charge at those times? What capacity loss does your battery have?
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    Ozone smell in garage after charging

    Could the smell be from hot plastic? Check the J1772 plug and receiver for signs of overheating, burn marks, deformation, etc. If nothing looks amiss, start a charging. After 15 minutes or so, check for noticeable heat at the J1772 connection, the EVSE and the wall socket (if it is a plug in...
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    Down Hill Overcharging?

    Abasile wrote many posts addressing this issue. He lived in the mountains about 5000’ above San Bernardino. This was around 10 years ago. He had the first generation LEAF. Search for his posts or a thread.
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    Is there a way to charge a leaf while it's being driven?

    You may find this interesting: Ingineer’s project using a turbine generator on a trailer.
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    2011 Regeneration not working properly or at all

    Both Dala (Finland) and/or Mux (Netherlands) have been active on this forum delving into modifying the car. They probably have a way to intervene.
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    Supplemental air bag warning light

    WAG- How old is your 12V battery?