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    Will I be able to use Leaf Spy Pro to...

    I even have had a look but I cannot see whatever that offers the benefits over the loose version. What other records does it offer ? Is it really worth shopping for ?
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    Replacing the 12V battery

    Easy for me in future to replace my car battery. Tutuapp 9Apps
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    DTC codes 2021 Leaf 40kw

    Hi all. My daughter amassed a new to her 2020 Leaf forty on Thursday and over the weekend has began throwing up the following errors, in the beginning I concept it'd simply be a low 12v however have checked it and it's high-quality. I've examine some threads about a recollect within the summer...
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    Leaking master Brake Cylinder Replacement / Transplant

    My 72 has the exact leak that yours shows, so im guessing i need to do the exact same thing. By the way, very very nice engine bay. snaptube vidmate
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    LED Map Light Replacement!

    After having a time finding something in my truck last night. I did a search for LED map lights. After watching this great video, placed my order with F150LEDs. Tutuapp 9Apps
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    Parking aid warning sounds.

    Just left you a thumbs up and shared to Reddit.......... hope it gets you some more views!
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    Looking to buy a 2019 with 66k miles

    I have driven a Prius in the past in a past work and have fallen head over heels for getting 50mpgs (both for the climate and my wallet). My purchasing choice is different on the grounds that I don't live in the US. I live in Costa Rica, where vehicles are around 40% more costly than in the US...
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    2017 Leaf tekna I need an advice

    My nearly 10 year old Nissan Leaf is still going strong on the original battery. So far in that time I've only had to replace a flat tire, accessory battery, and the key fob battery (twice) which including taking in for battery checks has been around $500 total in maintenance. No gas vehicle...
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    My truck is just in the shop for new CV Axles & Hubs. I had a clicking turning hard left which escalated to a bad clucking.The CV Axles were missing the rubber boots for two winters now. snaptube vidmate
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    Leaf spy lite not available for my device

    Hey Folks I'm after a touch of help with setting up Leafspy Light, I connected the Small scale OBD 11 dongle and get a red light on it and my telephone tracks down the dongle and interfaces yet on the Leafspy it stays yellow in the base corner and says retry 2.1 or something almost identical and...
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    Charge cable failure

    When using a sharp knife, NEVER point it towards your fingers - unless, that is, you want to end ip with some serious damage. ALWAYS point the knife AWAY from yourself. It’s the only way to keep your fingers in one piece. snaptube vidmate
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    Still getting 12V error with new 12V battery

    Did you check vehicle excursions to see subtleties of tech's test drive? Is that an image of 100 percent charge when you got it back after aux battery substitution? Kodi
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    ZE0 Leaf 2012 Pump 1 DIY non standard replacement P31E9

    I used this process to replace the pump in my 2011 Nissan Leaf without draining or replacing the coolant, and without losing much coolant: in my Leaf, the reservoir is much smaller and located differently than in this video, so it was possible for me to drain the reservoir and raise the pump...
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    Door Lock Button Illumination

    My entryway LOCK button is enlightened, yet not the Open button. Is the light worn out, or is that a "include" not a bug?