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    Details about the new 30 kWh pack

    The other big change with this new battery pack is the capacity warranty is now 100,000 miles.
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    2016 Nissan LEAF Information - 30 kWh SV/SL, 24 kWh S

    What do you think the chances are that the 30kWh battery will have a better capacity warranty than we have now? I really think that 100,000 miles should enough to put people at ease with battery power.
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    2015 May Plugin Sales Discussion : Leaf 2104 - Total 11540

    Last years May total was about a 1,000 more than this years number. Declining numbers are not a good thing in the auto industry." onclick=";return false;
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    Update on Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement

    Someone should ask him if the new 30kWh battery will fit in the old cars(2011 and 2012).
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    Update on Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement

    Does Brian Brockman still work at Nissan?
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    2016 Nissan LEAF Information - 30 kWh SV/SL, 24 kWh S

    That is good to know that they are finally doing what should have been done a year ago. Now do you think it will take another 5 years to go from 30 kWh to 36 kWh?
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    2016 Nissan LEAF Information - 30 kWh SV/SL, 24 kWh S

    OK Nissan, I really wish that you had done this a year ago. If you had done this sooner, I might still be your customer. Now if you would just extend the capacity warrantee to 100,000 miles instead of 60,000 it would be worth a 2nd look.
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    Wholesale value of the 2011 Leaf @Auction March 2018

    Good idea, I think I will do that tomorrow. Just put a deposit on a 2012 Tesla Model S 85 today. The CPO prices are just too good to pass up. If you know anyone looking for a 2012 LEAF SL, I have one for sale. (white pearl)
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    Wholesale value of the 2011 Leaf @Auction March 2018

    OrientExpress, when you have time could you update this thread with the current values. Today I stopped by the local Nissan dealer and asked what the trade in value was on my 2012 SL and I was told 7800. That seems low for a car with only 27,500 miles. I also stopped by the local Carmax and...
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    2013-2014 bar losers and capacity losses

    This was from the same thread that was quoted above." onclick=";return false;
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    No Charge to Charge (EZ-Charge) problem

    Looks like another Nissan failure to deliver.
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    Wholesale value of the 2013 Leaf @Auction-March '18

    It could be that it varies by state or region. Any idea what the reserve was set at on these vehicles ?
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    Official Tesla Model 3 thread

    This is what a real charge station looks like and this is why the Model 3 will be a smashing success story.
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    Official Tesla Model 3 thread

    This is what the CHAdeMO station in SLC looked like for most of 2014. It has only been in the last couple of weeks that they finally replaced the station with a new one. I hope it lasts longer than the first one that was there. The sad thing about this is that the LEAF really is a pretty...
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    Official Tesla Model 3 thread

    Tesla is the only company that has figured out how to build a network of charging stations." onclick=";return false; In contrast most of the CHAdeMO stations are at Nissan...
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    Utah Public Charge Stations

    Not sure if the CCS nozzles work at this time. This is an email I got from the city today.
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    Utah Public Charge Stations

    The Quick Charge stations on 500 south in SLC are online now.
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    Tesla Supercharger Network

    Rumor has it that Price will happen." onclick=";return false; I have also talked to one 85 owner that has already done Green River to SLC via 6 without problem.
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    2015 Feb Plugin Sales Discussion : Leaf 1198 - Total 6753

    It looks like the number is 1198." onclick=";return false;
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    Relying solely on level 1 charging

    Not all 120 volt wiring is safe. This LEAF owner also thought that 120 volt charging was perfectly safe. Please read this thread start to finish. This picture was from page 5." onclick=";return false;