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    Sun Country Highway Advances in Washington State!

    Greetings all, I have some great news, you can now travel all the way out to Neah Bay, the north western most point of the continental US and find convenient charging for your EV. These stations are dual 70/80A stations so they work with all EV's to provide the maximum L2 charging rate for each...
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    Lost 5th bar today. Still cruisin'

    those are some good points! my instinct would also be to not push it too long... more and more used Leaf's coming off of Leases.
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    Lost 5th bar today. Still cruisin'

    how long are you planning on holding out?
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    Help Green All Of Washington State’s Highways In 90 Days!

    the latest update and all future updates will be posted here:
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    Sun Country Highway Advances in Washington State!

    Greetings everyone! After a long series of hurdles, Sun Country has obtained host locations for the 12 sponsored chargers in WA State, with several additional locations across the state yet to be announced but not far behind. For this phase of the project, the primary focus has been on...
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    Nissan has burned up so much good will amongst it's staunchest supporters, it's really a shame! I got fed up and found a way to trade up my 2012 purchased Leaf for a 2012 leased Leaf because I wanted out in the long run, just can't trust Nissan on the most important aspect of an EV (it's...
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    Help Green All Of Washington State’s Highways In 90 Days!

    Some new progress is under way with this project. Below is an update from Sun Country: Dear Washington Supporters, My name is Trent Van Dyke. I am the Regional Director for Sun Country Highway. I work directly with Kent Rathwell and Christopher Misch. I have recently relocated to the...
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    Got passed by a Tesla :)

    I get the feeling like some kind of critical mass is being reached. we have 5 EV's in our neighborhood. A white Tesla drove by the house yesterday, I was sure they were looking for my 80A charging station listed on plug share, nope, just taking a drive. Then today we did a little easter egg...
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    Official Tesla Model S thread

    wow, just wow, LOL! "I'm offended that you'd refer to the dealers as mobbed up" In our state, the dealership association paid off 175 politicians and came very close to passing the same kind of restrictions. I went to the capital steps, I talked to my reps, their response was "we had no idea...
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    Nissan, we need 50kW/h packs

    after 4 years, yes, it's definitely time for more batteries! If Nissan doesn't get out ahead of this, someone else will...
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    Official Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SUV thread

    couldn't agree more. if the outlander PHEV were to be available when the Leaf lease is up in 2015, it would be a nice, fully functional SUV, much less expensive and more functional than the Tesla Model X. Mitsubishi is really missing out on a market in the US!
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    Is there something wrong with my Leaf.

    are you in Olympia WA? in any case, cold weather (below 40 degrees) really takes it's toll, though only temporarily till it warms up again. the 2011 has a very power hungry heater, so if you need the full range in winter you need to reduce/eliminate the use of heater/AC/defrost while driving...
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    Lose four bars in ten miles?

    I've seen some weird stuff like this the last few weeks with colder weather. various indicators suggest to me that things are going down hill for the battery and the cold seems to be effecting it more than the other Leaf's I've owned. We've only got about 6K miles on the car in a year. I do...
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    the free ride is over

    If only the contracts for the West Coast Green Highway between the state and EV and Blink were written so that if either company dropped out of the game or went banckrupt, that the network would be handed over to the victor. Imagine if AV could take over blink and replace all those rust buckets...
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    Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt prefers his Leaf over a Tesla

    Thanks Reddy, I appreciate getting the benefit of the doubt here. my leanings, impressions, driving style have all surely evolved. that said, what i'm seeing goes way beyond just that. I'm even noticing that the first bar drops off more quickly than the rest, and even worse, I've gotten that...
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    Official Tesla Model S thread

    For Nissan to really understand use patterns, they need to do a lot more than just look at a "typical week". they'd be best to look at an "atypical week", or even better, several years of use patterns. inconvenience is what stands out, even if it's infrequent. Tracking Leaf use is self...
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    Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt prefers his Leaf over a Tesla

    Actually, I used to be idealistic like that, but my conclusion has changed with real world experience over time with the Leaf. I've been at this for several years, so what I'm saying isn't just Tesla fanboyism but it is of course, just my opinion. My latest Leaf has 6K miles on it and can't...
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    Using a 30A charger rated for a 40A breaker on a 30A breaker

    you really don't want to push this. I recommend going even beyond code not shorting code when it comes to EV charging, wire and hardware are cheap compared to labor and ultimately your life/home/vehicles. when an electrician feels that it is OK to "overload" a circuit it's when it's unlikely...
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    Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt prefers his Leaf over a Tesla

    I own one of each, and while I love the Leaf in many ways, Tesla has a lot more figured out. We've had a hard time putting enough miles on our Leaf to justify the lease expenses, after taking delivery of our Tesla S. The Tesla S is all about the future. It's not affordable, but it points to...
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    possibility of future mod to vehicle to allow 18kW AC Chrge?

    I would love to be able to do 20kW charging on the Leaf. currently, the unmodified Leaf is not even fully J1772 compliant. Nissan failed to meet the protocol even though it was well established before the Leaf went into production. the Leaf can't understand the pilot signal from a 20kW, or...