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    Restoring my Nissan Leaf

    Where u getting battery from ? Also the can bridge update ?
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    2013 Leaf steering twitch

    How many miles ? Do you live in the salt belt ? First thing I would do is grease up all the steering mechanics and shaft. Then secondly Jack up the front end and turn steering L to R with car in the off position, then try in ready mode , trying to see if it's mechanical or electric steering...
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    What did you do with your Leaf today?

    After driving this tank in the snowy weather for 2 or 3 weeks we finally ha e a warm spell , she's getting washed ! Plus inside detailed ! I hauled 15 50lb bags in this car, some in front, some on rear seats , rest in hatch. Seriously with 4 snow tires this car goes in the snow.
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    Changing a Flat

    I bought a doughnut spare and jack lug nut wrench from a junkyard out of a older altima. I mounted it underneath the rear hatch .
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    Let's talk headlights

    I went with led lamps. Can see much better.
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    Nissan Leaf 2014 - problems with suspension

    Have you tried increasing your psi inur tires and see if that makes any difference?
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    Nissan Leaf 2014 - problems with suspension

    How many miles on ur leaf? Do u drive with ur tires inflated close to the max? Take a look at your lower control arm bushings.
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    Leaf wheel lug nut key

    Junk yard and/or car-part
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    Leaf starts making weird noises after putting in the charging cable...

    Agree with leftie, I had to replace my coolant circ pump and before it gave out it was a little more noisey but nothing li,e urs. If u locate it put ur hand on it right before u plug in charger then u can feel the vibrations and perhaps move it a bit and maybe it may go away. Pump is located...
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    Installed some new wheels on the leaf

    Looks good. Would look good also with tinted windows ! I also ditched the hubcaps and installed some used older altima alloys. Now I have snow tires mounted on the steel/hubcaps . What year is ur leaf, looks low mileage with that shinny paint!
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    Air conditioning works but won't run

    Genius,thanks for the tip.
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    water pump problem in 2013 leaf

    Dorfman, on my 13 S model I had the DTC code" water pump 1 EVC-314" and it was on the passenger side near the bottom of the radiator. Hope this helps.
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    TPMS accuracy question

    I vote for #3, but a good quality gauge. I've seen tpms sensors be off as well as cheap tire gauges. Remember to measure tire pressures cold.
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    Wanted: 17-inch LEAF Aluminum Wheel

    Rockauto has them $$$$$$$
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    knocking from engine side?

    Thanks Dave. Here is more info. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (.gov) › tsbsPDF clicking noise from front or rear axle during take-off/acceleration
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    knocking from engine side?

    What is it Dave? And any links to the TSB?
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    orig 2013 Leaf S - convert to Bluetooth?

    Great question and anxious to read the replies. What I did with my S model is get a BT FM transmitter, not ideal but works.
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    knocking from engine side?

    Next thing I would do is drain the gearbox and check for any debris , after draining when u have drain hole open check inside with a magnet that there is nothing g loose sitting in the bottom . There are some posts on the site with bad gearboxes.
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    knocking from engine side?

    Next thing I would check are the CV axels , jack it up and give them a good spin and inspection. What make u think inverter?