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    POWER Loss when skid light comes up: traction control activation?

    I have traction control on my other cars, and there's definitely something different with the way my 2012 Leaf does it. Others keep you moving while pulsing power on and off at a high rate to the slipping wheel so it stays exactly at the limit of traction. The Leaf seems to just shut off power...
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    Monster Leaf

    I'll admit I was very skeptical, but I think you may be on to something. With a little bit of a lift and maybe some other enhancements, I can kinda, sorta imagine that looking like some kind of futuristic dune-buggy type vehicle.
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    Realistic odds of upgrading 2015 24kWh battery pack?

    hmmm.... Interesting 🧐 I guess I'll drive like grandma 😜 for a week and see what happens. I don't know if I can do it.
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    Realistic odds of upgrading 2015 24kWh battery pack?

    huh, when I first got the results that I got, I asked around and the understanding that I got on these forums and elsewhere is that part of battery deterioration is also increased internal resistance and a corresponding decrease in efficiency when charging/discharging. Made sense to me, so I...
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    Realistic odds of upgrading 2015 24kWh battery pack?

    The problem with these sentiments that you might be missing, is that the fuel economy gets worse and worse- it's not just a question of living with the range. If you have an older Leaf and part of your reason for driving it is saving money on gas, I suggest you plug it into an energy meter and...