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    Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

    One thing that helps (very hacky) is to reboot the infotainment system. Press and hold the radio power button for ~15 seconds and it should reboot. Usually this causes CarPlay to start, but not always.
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    HOW TO: Make the VSP (noisemaker) button default to off

    Do the 2018+ VSP modules work the same way? i.e. Ground pin 5 to temporarily disable VSP sounds.
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    CarPlay often fails to launch 2021 SV

    I had the CarPlay static issue many are facing (calls and Siri almost inaudible), and got my software updated to 0348 (bulletin NTB22-058a) which fixed that issue (yay!), BUT it did not fix the other issue I am having, unfortunately. My issue is that CarPlay fails to launch most of the time...
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    Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

    Dealer in Houston did it in about 2 hours, probably took them 30 min to actually apply the update. The call static issues is still gone, but the CarPlay connection issue is only partially fixed. It does connect more consistently, but I do still have issues where it will not connect. I'm...
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    Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

    Just got my update today. So far so good. Made a few calls with no static. CarPlay starts up each time I plug in my phone. Very happy Nissan fixed this issue. Hope good results continue. Highly recommend everyone having issues goes and gets this done. Any chance Nissan will push this update OTA...
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    Findings with my new 2022 SV Plus and Carplay and Crackling sounds

    Thanks for this, but now I have 2 threads to follow on same topic ;)
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    Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

    Not sure. They indicated it was the CarPlay software that only the dealer can update, not the one users can do themselves via the menu. If anyone knows how to check I can take a look.
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    Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

    Took my car in to Nissan to see if they could fix this - they could not. They did a “software update”, but the issue persisted. Advisor said they can’t do much about the ever changing hardware on the iPhone since the car hardware is not upgradeable. I get it, but it still sucks. CarPlay does...
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    Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

    2021 SV - same issue. Will be following to see if there is a fix issued. I plan to ask my local Nissan about it as well.