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    Key fob - low battery - replaced it, no go.

    Smart Things Hub quickly drained both my Nissan key fobs? My key ring was left on a table, very close to a Smart Things (Internet of Things) hub and the fob soon went dead. A Toyota fob on the same key ring was unaffected. My spare Nissan fob was stored in a camper 300 feet away from the...
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    Key fob - low battery - replaced it, no go.

    Both my fobs went bad a few months ago. I'll try replacing the coin cells again. Fingers crossed. After cozying up the fob to the start button, the car starts, then says "key not detected" Original fobs, both ten years old. Both behave the same. Fresh batteries didn't help either one.
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    big problem or not

    This happened to me about 7 years ago. I'd moved to a different city, there was no cell service, and the Leaf data modem tried to connect for two days until the 12 volt battery was almost dead. When I started the Leaf, there were warning lights and the car refused to turn off. It was towed to...
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    Has anyone tried the new Goodyear ElectricDrive tires?

    Sure wish I'd upgraded to the Goodyears sooner. The Ecopias were junk, and I bought a lot of them! Not resistant to punctures, and the tread wears out quickly. Finally, around 55,000 miles I got disgusted and switched. Here is what I found: The goodyears are every bit as efficient, giving...
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    Are there any future benefit to install a 240V/60A outlet for L2 Charger?

    The old Leviton (circa 2013) 240V charger came with a 30 amp 3-wire pigtail, so I downgraded my outdoor 50 amp RV socket and circuit breaker to 30 amp, and bought a new 30 amp socket to match. Worked great for 6 years then began to overheat and melt, because the utility company switched to...
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    Changing a Flat

    This won't be very helpful, but Yes there is a donut spare with the exact bolt circle of the Leaf. Take a professional wheel-bolt pattern gauge to the junkyard (or borrow theirs) to make sure it perfectly matches your wheel. They sold me a Goodyear lightweight spare for $10 and a shiny new...
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    How to get moving if your 12v battery is dead (ZE1)

    All my 12V battery problems went away when I disabled the data modem from the regular menu. There is poor cell service here and the modem tries all night and day to connect, and in about 48 hours the Leaf's 12V battery is dead. It still prompts me to enable the data. I always choose "No." It...
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    Nissan admits problems with telematics, is manufacturing a new part to replace defective units

    Thanks, I plan to look into that. Brought it back the next day, they couldn't find anything. A few days later the 12V battery developed an internal open-circuit. Put in a new AGM battery, shut off the data reporting and it's much better. But still down to 11.9 if it sits for a week. Thanks...
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    Dealer Maintenance regarding Battery Warranty

    Thanks . . .and all this time I was thinking it was the newer battery. It served its usefulness, nowadays it's all short trips and only needs charging once or twice a week. Nissan has been pestering me to trade up to a brand new Leaf for several months. But this one's paid for and the...
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    Dealer Maintenance regarding Battery Warranty

    Build date 02/13, I'm in the San Francisco bay area
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    Dealer Maintenance regarding Battery Warranty

    Went back to pick up my 2013 Leaf after the 60 month check, asked for my copy of the battery report, and they had "forgotten" to do it. Took 20 minutes. After 5 years it's down 2 or maybe 3 bars So far, so good !
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    Nissan admits problems with telematics, is manufacturing a new part to replace defective units

    My 2013 LEAF has had this 12V battery problem intermittently from day one. For me, updating to the 3G radio transceiver did not make it any worse, nor better. About a year ago I threatened to return the car under the Lemon Law, then let them keep it for a week to diagnose, and Surprise! It...
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    Co-worker Ratting on EV charging

    My co-workers might be jealous but none of them drive EVs. We have another plant in Tennessee not far from the LEAF factory. At that facility there are 12 charge stations and on most days all of them are in use. It took me one entire whole year of letter writing, to finally get one single...
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    Dreaded Vampire Drain Returns

    Same car here, and same story. Happened again this morning, that's about 6 times in 2 years. Last time, the guy at the dealer "reset the computer" and it was fine for 8000 miles, until today. He said there was no way that I could reset it at home. The main thing is the time wasted towing the...
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    Leviton pre install kit

    Yes you are right ! The reason I skipped the $80 mounting plate is because it allows removal "without tools" and I did not want my hooligan neighbor kids removing it from the side of my house and taking it away. In a bizarre statement it was explained to me that if tools were required to...
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    Vehicle should ignore timer at public charge stations

    That is a great improvement idea and please condsider this related improvement: During the work week, drivers with long commutes must charge to 100% at home during off-peak hours only. However if the same driver on the same day is able to plug in at work, it is better to charge to only 80% at...
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    Considering solar panels to offset charging costs

    In my opinion at the current time if you can get a system installed for around $2.50 per watt that would be a decent deal. You might as well use the AC watts since that is what you will be buying / selling. The rest of the DC watts are lost as heat. Wow! How do you get PG&E to sell to you for...
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    Gasoline May Rise Above $5 a Gallon

    My thoughts exactly ! I'm not envious that gas has dropped about 50 cents in the last few weeks, that will stimulate the overall economy. What I do lose sleep over is the cost of electricity going up. It is such a bargain right now. More and more people are driving EVs, and just like...
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    Speedometer off?

    Yes you are right, I planned to post in the big thread, then this one appeared. To Gary -- Yes I am using the 2013 diagnostic screen explained by the good members here. Many thanks guys for filling in the missing pieces of info! Those GPS numbers were all Greek to me but now it should be easy...
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    iPhone won't stop playing music

    Yes this problem continues since day one, on my 2013 LEAF. Using a Samsung Infuse smartphone, almost every single time the LEAF is shut off, music begins playing from the phone's tiny speaker. I've grown accustomed to pausing it. There is no easy way to make it stop. The Android system kills...